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Spirit Guides

7 Ways to See Spirits

03 Oct

Halloween is a great time to explore if you have the psychic ability to see spirits. It is commonly thought that the veil between the earthly and spiritual plane is thinner during the Halloween Season. This should make dimensional communication available to you, if you pay attention.

People often simply sense a spirit. For example, you may think that someone is right next to you, but you cannot see them with your eyes.Those of us on the earthly plan often dismiss the feeling that someone is near if they don’t see or hear them.This may be a mistake. There are lots of ways for spirits to communicate.Your “feeling” may be right on point.

There are many ways that spirit makes itself known. Spirits may visit you in a vivid nighttime dream, a lucid dream where you are half awake, or when you daydream. Spirit may reveal themselves in different ways. A few examples follow:

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Spirit Guides and Big Brother's Kaitlyn Herman

30 Jun

We admit, most of our office staff love to watch Big Brother on CBS. We really look forward to it every year. We were SUPER excited to see Kaitlyn Herman who claims to be a life coach and a psychic. She talks about Spirit Guides, Chakras, Auras and other esoteric terms openly.

We love Spirit Guides. Our readers regularly listen to their spirit guides. We are so happy they are being discussed on the show.

Spirit Guides are generally described as incorporeal beings that help direct us through our lives. It seems that some Guides are lifelong helpers and other guides may appear to assist you with specific situations. Guides usually help you by tuning into your energy field in order to help you.

Guides may assist you because of their ability to see what is going on around you. For example, you might hear the same song over and over again for no reason. If this happens, you might be wise to take note. It may be a sign. What is the song saying to you?

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