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Happy New Year 2018 Astrological Predictions by Sun Sign

Happy New Year 2018 Astrological Predictions by Sun Sign

2018 Sun Sign Forecast

Astrological predictions may help you with a road map on what may happen in the year to come. It is probably helpful to view general astrological trends the same way in which you would look at a road map, it may provide direction – but the details depend on you and where you look.

The year of 2018 should be a year of progress and enjoyment. This is a year where you should be able to use your intuition.

The Fire Signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius should have banner years where their creativity shines. All three Mercury Retrogrades are in Fire Signs this year (Mercury Retrograde in March is in Aries, in late July and early August it is in Leo, and in late November it appears in Sagittarius before sliding into Scorpio). This should be an exciting year of adventure and good luck. The only caution that might be important is that this should be a karmic year for fire signs. It would probably be a good idea to pay close attention to how you spend your time and where you put your focus.

The Earth Signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn should have great years regarding their careers and how they are perceived by those around them. These Sun Signs should be able to enjoy an upward trend in their work life. Since work is usually very important to this group of Sun Signs, 2018 should be a very good year. Spring should provide you an opportunity to review your plans and reorganize your line of action. This year is also great because it may help you avoid snap decisions and social mistakes.

The Air Signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius should be off to a fast start mentally when 2018 begins. This year should provide you with some new, interesting people and some sterling opportunities to help others. Also, your emotional intelligence quotient may be lifted up by a lot. This year probably will help you sort out some of your emotions. Happily, relationships that seemed to be going nowhere may show signs of new life. 2018 looks to be full of fun and promise for Air Signs.

The Water Signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces should find that their natural idealism moves to the forefront. This means that some of their dearly held principles should be able to be applied to life situations for successful outcomes. Water Signs will probably be able to enjoy the fruits of their natural integrity, because their emotions might not get in the way of their desired outcomes. Also, 2018 might be the year where their spiritual and psychic growth explodes and helps them move forward.

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