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Trusted Psychic Readings Online

The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. is different. We focus on quality, not quantity!

We cater to individuals. Everyone is unique and deserves attention. Our experienced booking agents personally take time with you in order to make sure real insight is provided during readings. We back that up with our Five-Minute Guarantee (read about it below).

The Psychic Line works hard to provide you with the best telephone psychics possible. We are proud of our tested readers and our service. Professional booking agents and tested, talented readers will make your experience with The Psychic Line helpful and informative.

Tested Psychic Readers - All readers are interviewed and tested before they join our psychic hotline. 95% of our callers everyday are from Repeat Clients. We keep it under 30 psychics in order to keep the quality high.

Five-Minute Guarantee - If you don’t feel a connection with your advisor in the first five minutes of the reading you purchase (15 minutes or more), you can end it, call us back and get your full time with a different reader. We encourage and value feedback from our clients.

You control your wallet - We have you pick the amount of time in advance so you know exactly what your payment will be before you get your reading. Readers do not keep you on the line in order to run up your bill. You are welcome to call often, and enjoy the security of knowing and controlling how much you are going to spend.

We protect your privacy - Readers know your first name and the amount of time that you purchased. They are contractually obligated to NEVER try to contact you or have you contact them or anyone else in any way, shape or form outside of authorized appointments provided by our office. Your identity is protected. If a reader offers you a way to contact them or someone they know personally, please let us know immediately. If they do not honor their contract with us, do you think it is wise to trust them with your personal information?

More on Privacy - Your data is stored privately. We don’t share or sell data. We book our readings by telephone because we value the personal touch and like having your information safely occupying our secure server.

Psychic Information: Visit our blog for more information and insight.

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Insight provided through a reading (just for you) or from one of our social media psychic sources (more general, but helps with trends) should help you with psychic insight. Our philosophy is to focus on exceptional customer service, tested psychics, listening to feedback, the personal touch, education, value, and protection of privacy.

Psychic readings should not be substituted for appropriate professional advice. If you need a doctor, lawyer, psychologist, or financial advisor - please consult with one.


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