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Phone Psychic Specials

Amazing New Client and Weekly Specials at The Psychic Line.

Over the Phone Psychic Readings

Deals, Specials & Earn Free Minutes



Our New Client Special offers huge savings on your first psychic reading. 



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Check out our current flyer to receive BIG discounts on your next psychic reading!

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Our Psychic Concierges Are Here To Help You.

We have a team of trained psychic concierges waiting to help you choose the perfect reader.  We take booking readings seriously.  Every customers needs are examined and then given the best options for that situation.  We can't just place you with the reader of our choice, but we can help steer you down the correct path.  

Call our Psychic Concierges to answer all of your questions. 1-800-966-2294

Interested but Still Have Questions?

You have questions, we have honest answers.

We do not give free readings.  We do offer terrific savings for new clients though.  The savings don't stop after you're an established client though.  We value our clientele and offer discounts each and every month.  Free time (with a purchase of time) and money off readings are just a couple discounts we offer.  Sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date with all of our current discounts. 

Purchasing a psychic reading can be quite the unknown for many clients.  We try to simplify the booking process to give you that extra bit of confidence heading into your reading.  Simply call the office at 1-800-966-2294 and one of our friendly psychic concierges will assist you.  They will go over any specials you may be eligible for (especially new clients), list readers that are available at your preferred time and help you choose one if needed.  From there, you'll pay with one of our preferred forms of payment.  Once your appointment time is set and paid for, you'll call back at the time of your appointment and one of our psychic concierges will connect you with your reader. 

We consider ourselves the best psychic reading service online for a reason.  We don't offer free readings, nor do we keep a small army of psychic readers employed at once.  We stay the best by offering you the highest quality and value each and every reading.  Our personal touch and attention to detail will not be matched.  Every call receives the utmost attention.  Our end goal is to provide you with the best psychic reading you've ever had.  Our in house psychic concierges have over 100 combined years booking psychic readings for clients!   We have a small, but extremely qualified team waiting to assist you in the perfect reading.