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A. F.



Marco was fantastic! He was a ball of energy. Immediately, Marco welcomed me with a big hello that felt like a hug and gave me the directions for the call. I liked how transparent he was about what would be happening. He did not venture into any areas he shouldn't. The whole reading was very positive and forward moving. Marco didn't make too many wild conclusions, which is always good as well. He made a quick and personal connection and by the end I felt like we were old friends. He also invited me to keep him updated on how things are going. It was a very natural way to gain a client.

M. O.

Paris, AR


I had a psychic reading about two weeks ago with Jade, I am just writing to report that everything she told me was exactly spot on. In the last few days I have seen several of her predictions actualized and I couldn't be happier with the reading I got! I will definitely be calling again soon!

T. S.

Carbon Hill, AL


Beth-Ellyn provided me with confirmation that I need about my loved ones! They are ok! Beth-Ellyn went beyond being just a Psychic Medium, she truly cares about her clients. I just booked another reading!

L. R.

San Diego, CA


What matters most is your connection to your reader. What works for another may not for someone else. So, remember when booking a reading two things, first PSI always has a 5 minute guarantee. Two, if one reading isn't connecting they have other amazing people on the line to speak with. I have been a client of PSI for over 15 years. Many of the readers are quite gifted. They all have a special something that is a gift and treat we get to experience.
Two of my own favorites are Silver and Marco.
Silver shares her compassion and gentle delivery with you, she cares about who she is speaking with and it shows time in and time again. Silver is one of my "go to's" knowing what she shares is easy to digest and I can count on the information to be of great help.
Marco, first he is hilarious, even if I am anxious about what I am calling about we end up laughing. Marco is not one to mince words and don't think because he is not rambling off tons of "words" he isn't giving solid direction. In fact it is quite the opposite, what he does say is on target and very helpful guidance. Best of all he leaves you feeling upbeat and positive.

K. J.

Jamaica Queens, NY


Customer Service Reps at Paramount are always friendly, courteous, and helpful when assisting clients whether they are old or new.

J. O.

North Brook, IL


This is the only place I the call when in need of clarifications about path, people, outcomes.
No other place has the consistent accuracy, plus a 5 minute rule, if you are not connecting with the reader you can hang up, try another reader or use the money for a future call. They are the only call I make, when needing just a little help...from my friends.

M. K.

Stanley, NY


Considering I have used “Paramount Solutions” for the past 21 years as my “go to” for all types of guidance, whether it be for job related issues, personal relationships, or whatever else may be happening in my life at the time, speaks volumes of the type of service I have received over these many years.  The staff conducts themselves in a professional, but always friendly manner.  Because of the friendliness of the staff, I actually feel part of the family, due to  the  atmosphere that they project.
Since reading with “Paramount Solutions” for the length of time that I have, I have had the pleasure of speaking with many of their talented Psychics.  Granted, I do have my favorites, and when those people may not be available, it is always fun and interesting to try the other readers they have on staff.
I am most grateful that “Paramount Solutions” exists, and even more grateful that they have extended me the friendship that they have over the years.  It is refreshing to find this type of atmosphere, especially in this day and age.
I would highly recommend “Paramount Solutions” to anyone who truly wants to be treated in the most friendliest of ways, and to also enjoy and learn from their talented staff of “Psychics”.


Detroit, MI


I have had the pleasure of reading with 2 awesome readers!   
My favorite readers are Marco and Hailey!
Marco is very direct and kind!
Hailey is very precise and caring!
I admire both of these readers very much!
Signed...........a grateful client

E. G.

Grants, NM


I have been calling solutions since 2009. I have tried other psychic lines and have not had the same results. Paramount Solutions is the only psychic line I will call. Their staff is very warm and welcoming, and their psychics have always given outstanding readings. If you are having second thoughts on if this is the right psychic line for you. Don't. Try it out and you will be impressed.

S. F.

Silverthorne, CO


My experience has ALWAYS been positive with Paramount Solutions. I have found everyone that I have ever spoken with has been mostly right on the mark. I have been calling for over 20 years on various topics, such as business, family and relationships.
Thank you Paramount for being such a Quality Psychic service….

J. D.

Aliquippa, PA


I have to say I really enjoy speaking with Psychic Silver she has helped me in so many ways and I miss not talking to her.  I enjoy catching up with her, as well as, asking her about my career and love life, which, the love life hasn't occurred yet and my career is going well.  I finally got a raise and still at the same company.  
Thanks PSI for connecting me with Psychic Silver :)

S. E.

Newport, MN


I have been coming to this site for years now. I usually treat myself with a reading for my birthday. It's always a positive experience and has helped me focus and feel better about where I am heading. I have tried different readers and I always hang up with some piece of information that helps!

D. P.

Dinwiddie, PA


I have been reading with Marco for 10 years. He has been and will remain my go to guy for all aspects in my life. I have read with a lot of psychics over the years, always trying to get a new prospective but end up where I started!! Thank you Marco for your wise advise and accurate predictions.

L. A.

Newburgh, NY


I have been a client of PSI for many years. Two psychics that I speak to frequently are Valentina and Silver. They have gotten me through some difficult situations over the years. Not only are they gifted psychics but they are kind and compassionate people who truly want to help their clients. Additionally, the office staff are some of the nicest people I have ever dealt with. This is a quality line.

T. J.

Reykjavik, Iceland


I am very pleased with the service that Paramount Solutions provides. Mainly because I find the customer service to be personal and efficient.Beth, Renée, Michelle, and Sandy always make me feel welcome and important with their cheerful attitudes.They connect me directly to the psychic reader that I have chosen, without wasting my time on some digital hassle or stultifying recordings like some other psychic service lines put their customers through. I have never been disappointed with the readers either. They are all top quality readers who are helpful and accurate. Each in their own individual approach to shedding light on the most important things that are going on in my life, making me see things from a different perspective. If I had to name only 3 readers of the ones I have tried who have been exceptionally enlightening I would have to mention Blanche, Elizabeth and Autumn.
To encapsulate my opinion of Paramount Solutions in just 3 words. It would be Simplicity, Ease, Efficiency. Thank you for being there for me.

C. D.

Tacoma, Washington


I wanted to let you know that my readings have been very accurate. Silver is straightforward honest and very cool. Thank you~ a satisfied customer from Tacoma Washington.

R. Z.

Detroit, Michigan


I have been calling PSI for years and I have to say my favorite person to talk to (besides the office ladies) is Valentina! She's so insightful! Each and every reading from her she has been spot on! She is truly one of the easiest people to talk to and I relish every moment I have had speaking to her!


Woodstock, N.Y.


I recently called Valentina for a reading. I was going back to work in a month and wanted her input. She said, "Well, first of all, you will look just beautiful. You have on a grey and black dress and black shoes." I said, "No, I bought an orange dress for the first day back." She said, "That's funny." And we continued with the reading. I always take notes on my readings. A month later, when I began work, it was a dreary day so instead of wearing the orange dress that I had planned, I chose a grey, blue and black blocked dress with black sandals. During that first week of work, I checked my notes only to find that Valentina knew more about my wardrobe choices than I did.




It was such a rewarding experience to talk to Blanche.She is a truly gifted psychic endowed with great healing powers as well as insight. In the wake of our talk, I have had a sustained release of all kinds of good things happening such as the healing and blossoming of relationships and sick people she has sent healing are feeling better. And there is more coming. I feel really comfortable with her. Her voice has an immediate calming effect. I want to express my gratitude.


Colombia, MD


Elizabeth is a very accurate and compassionate reader. I have been reading with her for many years, and can honestly say she is the best!!


Syracuse, N.Y.


This is by far the most astonishingly accurate psychic line I have ever experienced. Every reader I spoke with was professional, compassionate, and everything they predicted was true. They picked up on things there was no way they could have known. These readers are exceptionally gifted. Most especially Elizabeth. If my income was not so limited,I would call more! I would trust any of their readers!


Hollywood, FL


I have used Paramount Solutions, Inc. from time to time and I found the customer service to be top notch and psychics very gifted and such a pleasure to talk to. I have been recently advised by Natalie and she is so gifted with over 30 years of experience. I would recommend her and can't wait to talk to her again.



Ella started off asking permission to look into my past, present and future.  She asked me for my birth year and then the birth date of anyone that I also might want to ask questions for. She then asked me to make a wish for something and repeat it over and over in my head.
Ella was interesting.  She took some bigger swings than the others.  She made more predictions or asked me more specific questions..IE is there a male, like a son with brown hair near you? Your are working with an attorney or CPA?  Ella would also start trains of thought but then not entirely finish what she was saying.  It felt like she was feeling me out a little bit.  
She stayed away from legal but did ask me if I was working with an attorney or CPA,  we aren't.  The most recent attorney we have been working with was a few months ago for my MIL's will that she was updating.   She also said that my MIL is not feeling well, that my MIL feels like her days are numbered & she's waiting to die and not feeling well but that I will able to cheer her up.  She went back there a few times that she saw her not feeling good.  I thought she was going somewhere else, but she did say that she works through it and that we are in the will.  She also said that  a girl friend of mine will call me with her problems.  That she has "health issues behind her, in the back area" and that she "will need physical therapy to get through it". 
So while she didn't ask me for anything on the side, I think she came kinda close on the medical stuff.  It wasn't like she was working hard to avoid it.  I didn't ask anything specific around that to get her there either.  I just left it pretty open and she took us there.  
Another very interesting reading.  I love how different they all are!



I love Ella.  She has been my go to psychic for a long time. Two exceptionally good readings come to mind. I had lost a pair of diamond earrings and was totally freaked out. Ella assured me that they would turn up in a couple of days. I told her I hoped so because I could never replace such beautiful big diamond earrings. Sure enough, a couple of days later they turned up in a drawer where I had put them for safety. The other reading was that I would hear from an old boyfriend in a few days. I dismissed the idea. Well, a couple of days later through the magic of group texting, I heard from an old boyfriend. Go figure. Ella has been a very good resource for me to use as a psychic.



I really enjoyed speaking with Neytiri.  I felt invigorated after my reading, it was like I got a B12 shot.  She was so positive and insightful, it felt like a great emotional connection. She seemed to hit some main things dead-on right away. I haven't stopped smiling since.  
She was clear in explaining how we would start.  She did not venture into any off-limit areas. She guided me through the process and i felt she used my time well, at no point did i feel like she was rushed or trying to drag anything out.  At the end of our conversation, she invited me to call her again because she really wanted to hear an update. The way she presented it was very sincere and like she was invested. I would absolutely call her again.



Rabbit had a cute greeting and was very upbeat right off the bat. He did repeat a couple of times that 20 minutes was not that long, I could see where this might be in an effort to get ppl to extend their time. he didn't venture into any of the off limits areas. Overall his reading was very positive and almost had a fatherly tone. He wanted to impart some larger wisdom as well. On a side note, it was funny, he was explaining to me what a Recruiter does, I didn't have the heart to tell him that was my day job. He didn't cover a lot of ground, preferring to dig deeper into a couple of questions. His slight southern accent and warm tone make him easy to connect with.



Rahda was very direct and concise in her responses. She did say that the more we talked the more she tuned into my energy, but she didn't really probe or make an effort to start the ball rolling aside from that. I would definitely say she's good for someone that just wants answers and not a lot of connection. While she didn't go into any of the off-limits areas, she did have a somewhat unprofessional moment (in my opinion). Someone knocked at her door, she said "excuse me, and then proceeded to shout to someone in another room "there's someone at the door" and then jump right back in without apology/acknowledging. Overall, it felt like she was just trying to get through it. The reading was lacking the personal connection that is usually so compelling.

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