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Ivey is the best! She is so gifted, empathetic, kind, funny, and truly wants to help guide you through this journey of life by sharing what she sees to ease your mind or help you. I highly recommend her to anyone, I can't thank her enough for all her help. Thanks, Ivey!


Paris, AR
I had a psychic reading about two weeks ago with Jade, I am just writing to report that everything she told me was exactly spot on. In the last few days I have seen several of her predictions actualized and I couldn't be happier with the reading I got! I will definitely be calling again soon!


North Brook, IL
This is the only place I the call when in need of clarifications about path, people, outcomes.
No other place has the consistent accuracy, plus a 5 minute rule, if you are not connecting with the reader you can hang up, try another reader or use the money for a future call. They are the only call I make, when needing just a little help...from my friends.

K. J.

Jamaica Queens, NY
Customer Service Reps at Paramount are always friendly, courteous, and helpful when assisting clients whether they are old or new.

M. K.

Stanley, NY
Considering I have used “Paramount Solutions” for the past 21 years as my “go to” for all types of guidance, whether it be for job related issues, personal relationships, or whatever else may be happening in my life at the time, speaks volumes of the type of service I have received over these many years. The staff conducts themselves in a professional, but always friendly manner. Because of the friendliness of the staff, I actually feel part of the family, due to the atmosphere that they project.
Since reading with “Paramount Solutions” for the length of time that I have, I have had the pleasure of speaking with many of their talented Psychics. Granted, I do have my favorites, and when those people may not be available, it is always fun and interesting to try the other readers they have on staff.
I am most grateful that “Paramount Solutions” exists, and even more grateful that they have extended me the friendship that they have over the years. It is refreshing to find this type of atmosphere, especially in this day and age.
I would highly recommend “Paramount Solutions” to anyone who truly wants to be treated in the most friendliest of ways, and to also enjoy and learn from their talented staff of “Psychics”.


Grants, NM
I have been calling solutions since 2009. I have tried other psychic lines and have not had the same results. Paramount Solutions is the only psychic line I will call. Their staff is very warm and welcoming, and their psychics have always given outstanding readings. If you are having second thoughts on if this is the right psychic line for you. Don't. Try it out and you will be impressed.


Silverthorne, CO
My experience has ALWAYS been positive with Paramount Solutions. I have found everyone that I have ever spoken with has been mostly right on the mark. I have been calling for over 20 years on various topics, such as business, family and relationships.
Thank you Paramount for being such a Quality Psychic service….

S. E.

Newport, MN
I have been coming to this site for years now. I usually treat myself with a reading for my birthday. It's always a positive experience and has helped me focus and feel better about where I am heading. I have tried different readers and I always hang up with some piece of information that helps!


Tacoma, Washington
I wanted to let you know that my readings have been very accurate. Silver is straightforward honest and very cool. Thank you~ a satisfied customer from Tacoma Washington.


It was such a rewarding experience to talk to Solutions.The psychics are endowed with great healing powers as well as insight. I have had a sustained release of all kinds of good things happening such as the healing and blossoming of relationships. And there is more coming. I want to express my gratitude.


Hollywood, FL
I have used Paramount Solutions, Inc. from time to time and I found the customer service to be top notch and psychics very gifted and such a pleasure to talk to.


I really enjoyed speaking with Solutions. I felt invigorated after my reading, it was like I got a B12 shot. The readers were positive and insightful, it felt like a great emotional connection. They hit some main things dead-on right away. I haven't stopped smiling since. The psychics guided me through the process and used my time well. At no point did I feel l rushed or stalled. The way readers seem very sincere and invested. I would absolutely call again.


I wanted to say thank you to Abbigail Lee, she has helped me so much with guidance and lifting me up again and again. She is so gifted, kind, funny, great energy and has such a warm caring personality that makes me feel so good. She makes my day 10 times better each time we speak, I love to share things with her and tell her events that have occurred. She's such a good person and I can't thank her enough. She's a gem and glad I found her.