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What’s Clairaudience, and how are they different from a Clairvoyant?

Clairaudience, which is sometimes referred to as “psychic hearing,” literally means “clear hearing” and refers to the ability  to hear messages from another frequency or realm. It can be compared to the way some of us seem to “hear” a voice warning us of danger or guiding us when we have an important decision to make.

Clairaudients have the gift of hearing paranormal messages more often than most people, sometimes even while dreaming. Sometime they are also more sensitive to regular noises that we can all hear because of their specially-tuned sense of hearing.

So how can a Clairaudient help you?

In the course of your psychic reading, your Clairaudient may be able to help you receive messages from departed loved ones, or pass along information from the spiritual realm. You can get advice in real time as you talk to the them about the issues that affect your life.

They can help you get a little more direction and clarity about things you have been worried about or decisions you have been putting off, and may be able to help you make contact with a spirit guide.

Our 5 Minute Guarantee

To make sure you have a psychic reading you can feel good about, we offer a five-minute guarantee: If you do not feel a connection with your reader within the first five minutes of your call, you can end the call, let us know, and we will rebook your time with another reader of your choice. You will still receive your full amount of time.

To experience a Clairaudient psychic reading, call us at 1-800-966-2294 today!