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Remote Viewer

What is Psychic Clairvoyant Remote Viewing?
Remote Viewing is a form of Psychic Clairvoyant ability, which allows the Psychic to use the "mind's eye" to view or see an object or location that is not actually in the same location or space.
When many people hear of Remote Viewing they may instantly think of the United States government's famous Psychic Viewing programs where the government reportedly used famous Psychic's such as Uri Geller and used the program in attempts to spy on secret locations throughout the former Soviet Union with Clairvoyance viewing techniques. One such famous operation the Stargate Project created a set of protocols designed to make the research of clairvoyance and out-of-body experiences more scientific. The Stargate Program reportedly was shut down in 1995.
Remote Viewing can be thought of as a shorthand way of describing a more structured approach to Clairvoyance. Remote Viewers use their Psychic Clairvoyant abilities to view remote locations or spaces.