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Psychic Terms Glossary


Read salt patterns on the floor after salt is tossed up into the air and lands on the ground, floor, or in a fire.

The appearance of a ghost or spirit. Can also be a visual of a scene.

Astral Body: 
A double of a person’s physical body.

Astral Projection: 
Includes out-of-body experiences. This can include very deep meditation, a form of “wakeful” dreaming, or travel techniques that allow you to view places far away from your physical being.

Use of your date of birth to foresee future events, personality and character traits. An Astrologer who has your exact date/time/place of birth can interpret the planetary influences and signs of the Zodiac.

The ability to see or feel the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds living things. Some see and interpret colors. Others can pick up on the energy alone.

Automatic Writing: 
The ability to write down a stream of conscience while in a deep meditative state that provides a message that is not from the writer, but a different source.

Ability to find prophesies by randomly finding verses in the Bible and making a relevant interpretation.

Techniques that give people information regarding their physical state.

Black Magic: 
Spells or rituals designed to hurt others.

Candle Reading: 
Divination by gazing at a candle flame, dropping wax into water and observing the shapes, or reading the shapes made by a melting candle.

Giving a card reading from a deck of cards that is not a Tarot deck. This can also include Fairy Cards, Oracle Cards, Astrology Cards, playing cards, etc.

Divination based on watching how or whether items burn in a fire.

Ability to communicate messages directly from a different source than the psychic to a person or group of people. The channel is similar to using a telephone to another time/person/place.

An object that has magical or protective powers.

Means clear seeing. This is the ability to see beyond the average parameters of the normally visible.

Means clear hearing. This is the ability to hear beyond the usual parameters experienced by human beings. Messages from angels, spirit guides, or the other side are available to assist with the past, present, and future. Sometimes a clairaudient will pick up through hearing actual events that have or may have happened.

The ability to use more than one sense to divine and provide messages to people. This would include many combinations of sight, sound, smell, feeling, etc.

The ability to smell outside the normal expectations for people.

Crystal Ball: 
The practice of picking up visions from a glass ball or quartz crystal.

Déjà vu
The feeling that you have been there and done that when you haven’t.

The fading or disappearance of an object or living being.

A mirror image of a person or living being.

Dream Interpretation
Prophecy through dreams or an interpretation of what a dream is telling you about your life.

The ability to pick up other people’s feelings as if they were your own.

Abilities that occur outside the normal parameters of perception.

Getting rid of demons or unwanted spirits that may have possessed a person, animal, or inanimate object.

Feng Shui: 
The relationships between people and the wind and the water.

Guardian Angel: 
Individual protection and help by an angel.

An entity that assists a person with spiritual growth.

Apparitions or unexplained events that are associated with a place over a long period of time.

An evil spell or curse.

I Ching: 
Chinese system of prophecy and philosophy. It is based on abstract line arrangements referred to as hexagrams. I Ching is used as an Oracle.

Psychic awareness. Also referred to as protective sight.

Ability to use intuition or other psychic abilities to see and analyze situations.

Doctrine of “what comes around, goes around.”

Things float or fly without any physical reason.

Lucid Dreaming: 
Being conscious while asleep and being able to control the direction of your dream.

Lucky Charm: 
Something that is empowered with positive magical powers.

Use of paranormal to influence physical events.

Relaxation and focusing the mental process to tap into a higher power.

The ability to communicate with those who have passed to the other side, angels, or spirit guides.

The phenomena that is beyond traditional physics.

A person who believes in metaphysics.

Near Death Experience: 
An out-of-body experience by someone who died and came back to life.

A Séance to talk to spirits of the deceased.

A system of predicting past, present and future using the interpretation of numbers.

Someone or something that foretells the future.

Ouija Board: 
A spirit board used in a séance that interacts with people, a planchette, and letters to spell out a message from a psychic source.

Out of Body Experience: 
The feeling that a person is floating outside of their body. This is generally accomplished through lucid dreaming, remote viewing or astral projection. This can also involve a near death experience.

Reading the lines on a person’s hands to make predictions.

Events outside the realm of the normal. Inexplicable.

The study of all forms of extra sensory phenomenon.

Past Life Regression: 
The discovery of previous experiences from one’s previous lives. This can be accomplished through a reading, hypnosis, or meditation.

An item on a string dangles over words, letters, true/false to answer a question.

Pet Psychics: 
Ability to communicate with animals.

Determines personality and character by readings bumps on the head.

A noisy or troublesome spirit.

The ability to foresee the future.

A statement that may tell about future events.

Predictions made by someone gifted in spiritual revelation.

A term describing all psychic abilities. And, it is the abbreviation for our company, Paramount Solutions, inc. - PSI

A person with extra sensory perception. Psychic is a blanket term for people who read for other people, energies or animals. 

Psychic Healing: 
The ability to sense illness and heal.

Psychic Medium: 
The ability to communicate with the other side. This includes channeling, angels, guides, etc.

The ability to receive impressions or information by touching an object.

Information given by a person to give insight from his or her psychic abilities to someone requesting advice.

A healing technique.

Ability to experience memory from a past life. Usually obtained in a meditative trance.

Remote Viewing: 
Ability to see objects by projecting your consciousness to a different location from your actual physical location.

Oracle stones developed over a thousand years ago in Scandinavia for divination purposes.

The ability to gaze into a crystal ball or reflective surface and receive information from a different physical or dimensional location.

A session with a medium that call for those on the other side.

The spirit of a person.

Words or rituals that are believed to have magic powers.

A soul.

Sun Sign: 
The position of the sun on the Zodiac chart at your time of birth.

A lucky charm or object that possesses magical powers.

A deck of 78 cards (usually 78) that is used in a reading.

Tarot Reading:

A psychic reading where a reader uses cards to do a Tarot Card Spread. The psychic translates the cards for the client. 

The ability to tell what someone else is thinking.

White Magic: 
Spells or rituals to provide protection or beneficial results.

A system of witchcraft.

Some who uses witchcraft.

Folk magic.

Yin Yang: 
The two opposing and complimentary forces found in the universe.

Use of spiritual techniques to help a person reach higher consciousness.

A state of concentrated meditation.