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What Does Déjà Vu Mean?

What Does Déjà Vu Mean? | Psychic Readings by Paramount Solutions

What Does Déjà Vu Mean?

You are probably familiar with the feeling of déjà vu, but why does it happen, and what does it mean? Learn more about this spiritual phenomenon. 

Understanding This Psychic Phenomenon

Déjà vu is more than a catchy pop song by Olivia Rodrigo. It is a serious psychic phenomenon that can serve as a message from your self-consciousness. It comes from the French phrase meaning “already seen” and is the feeling that you have already experienced the present moment before.

It can come on suddenly and be a brief but powerful sensation that may leave you searching for answers. However, if you have experienced this unique phenomenon before, you are not alone. Anywhere from 60% to 80% of the population has experienced déjà vu at some point in their lives. But what does it mean?

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Why Does Déjà Vu Occur?

There is some debate about what déjà vu is, what it means and why it happens. Some scientists believe that it is simply your brain trying to connect the current moment in your life with a past moment. Other spiritual experts believe that it is your intuition trying to alert you to something important about the present moment or that it is something that you experienced in a past life that you are suddenly remembering.

Others believe that it is an ancestral memory passed down from your ancestors through your cells. Some believe that it is an indication that you have had a clairvoyant dream about the present moment. Whatever causes it, déjà vu is closely associated with clairvoyant abilities and may be a sign that you are a psychic. 

What Does Déjà Vu Mean? 

There are many interpretations of what déjà vu means, but many people believe that it is a sign that your subconscious is trying to alert you to something in the present moment. Make sure to pay attention to the people and energies that are around you when you experience déjà vu, especially if it occurs frequently. If it happens around a person that you are interested in, it could be a sign that you have met your soulmate, or it can also be a warning. Pay attention to how the situation makes you feel to determine what your intuition is trying to tell you. 

How Do I Know if It Is Déjà Vu?

It is pretty easy to determine if you are experiencing déjà vu. It typically feels like an overwhelming sensation that you have lived that exact moment or been in that exact place before. It can be quite an intense sensation unlike any other and can be hard to ignore. Typically, if you think you have experienced déjà vu, then you most likely have. 

Is It Déjà Vu or Intuition?

Intuition and déjà vu are strongly linked but are very different sensations. Intuition can take many forms and is a feeling or sense that things aren’t as they appear. Déjà vu is a feeling that you have been in the present moment before but can’t quite remember it. It tends to be a sudden jolt, whereas intuition is a feeling that you can’t quite explain and tends to linger for a while. 

Who Experiences Déjà Vu?

While most people experience déjà vu at some point in their life, people between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five tend to experience it most often. People with strong clairvoyant tendencies tend to experience it regularly, which is why it is often considered a sign of psychic abilities. While not all people who experience déjà vu are physic, if it happens a lot, you might want to consider other signs that you have this ability. 

Does Déjà Vu Mean I Am Psychic? 

While some people believe that everyone has the ability to develop some level of clairvoyant skills, the gift is certainly more prominent in some people than others. People who experience déjà vu more frequently tend to have more potent psychic abilities. This suggests that there is a connection between the two. If you notice that you seem to experience déjà vu often, it is a good idea to learn more about the common characteristics of genuine psychics. 

How Do I Know if I am Psychic?

In addition to déjà vu, other common signs of being psychic include having a wild imagination, frequently daydreaming, having vivid dreams at night, and having strong visualization skills. You may also have a strong intuition or sense about people that usually tends to be correct. These are all signs that you are naturally psychic. If you experience all of these traits consistently, there is a good chance that you have a natural aptitude for clairvoyant power. 

Do I Dream Déjà Vu?

Dreams and déjà vu are strongly linked. Many people believe that déjà vu is the result of having clairvoyant dreams that you don’t remember until you are in that moment in time. These dreams may be telling you to pay attention to this particular moment, but unfortunately, we tend to forget as much as 95% of our dreams the moment we wake up. There is also a separate phenomenon known as déjà rêvé, which is the sensation of déjà vu, but in your dreams. This can indicate a recurring dream that is trying to tell you something, so it is just as important to pay attention to these experiences too. 

What to Do if You Experience Déjà Vu Frequently?

If you notice that you are regularly experiencing feelings of déjà vu, there are several steps you can take to interpret them and determine whether or not you have psychic abilities. 

Step 1: Learn the Signs of Psychic Abilities

This will help you determine it is you have a true gift. At the Psychic Line, we have dozens of resources for people who are just beginning to discover their true gifts.  

Step 2: Keep a Dream Journal

This will help you determine whether or not your déjà vu is related to something you have experienced in your dream. It can be challenging at first to remember events from your dream clearly, but as you continue the practice, it will become easier. 

Step 3: Pay Attention When You Experience Déjà Vu

Who is around you? What is their energy like? Where are you? How do you feel about the place that you are in at the time? This can help you determine if your experience is a message or a warning. 

Step 4: Trust Your Intuition

If you are psychic, your intuition will be your most powerful tool. You need to trust it above all else. It will always lead you in the right direction, even when the supposed “facts” are misleading you. You will find that you are typically correct to trust it. 

Step 5: Talk to a Professional Psychic

If you suspect you have clairvoyant abilities, only a professional psychic can help you confirm it, but it is essential to choose the right one. At The Psychic Line, we chose only the best and most gifted psychics to do our readings so you can call with confidence. 

Step 6: Interpret Your Déjà Vu

Our psychics can help you interpret your déjà vu and help you determine the following steps to take. Whether you simply want to interpret the messages and warnings that your subconscious is trying to send you, or you want to learn more about your gift, our team will guide you and help you gain clarity. 

Step 7: Share Your Gift

Many people experience déjà vu when their subconscious is trying to tell them something. However, if you experience it often and in a wide range of circumstances, it might be time to learn more about your natural talent. True psychic abilities are a gift and are meant to be shared! Whether you want to become a professional or want to share your abilities with friends, the psychics at The Psychic Line can help. Give us a call today to learn more!

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