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Empathetic Psychics: Definition, Meaning & Signs

Guide to Empathetic Psychics: Meaning, Test, and More 


If you’ve ever been to a psychic, you probably already know psychics are known for being able to relate to your soul and mind. They help others get more clarity, understanding, and purpose. So what’s different about empathetic psychics  - also known as psychic empaths?  

In this blog, you’ll learn the meaning of an empathetic psychic, the qualities of psychic empaths, and the differences between empathy, sympathy, and intuitiveness. Plus, we’ll share the unique ways psychic empaths can help with relationships.  

What is the meaning of an empathetic psychic? 

Empathetic psychics pick up on the emotions of other people as if they’ve known them for years. They are deeply attuned to the needs and desires of others - and have the capacity to hear, see, and feel others. An empathetic psychic also has heightened perceptions, emotional depth, and a very strong intuition. 

How to know if you’re a psychic empath - 7 signs 

Do you think you’re a psychic empath? Keep reading to see if you identify with some of the below qualities! 

1.  You’ve been told you’re “too sensitive”

Sensitivity is one of your superpowers. You have a deep appreciation and understanding for other people’s feelings. 

2. Big crowds are overwhelming 

When you’re in big crowds the experience can be very overwhelming. The smells, sights, noises, and energies can be a lot to take in - and since you feel everything, it can be exhausting. 

3. You feel someone’s energy immediately (good & bad) 

The moment you meet someone, you immediately pick up on their energy and may feel like you’ve known them for longer than you actually have. 

4. You experience mood swings after socializing 

After socializing, your mood can be all over the place. Since it’s so overwhelming to experience all the feelings of others, when it’s over it can leave you feeling a mix of emotions. 

5. If a friend experiences something good or bad, you feel it deeply.

Even when experiences don’t happen to you - you still feel the emotions deeply. This can be wonderful when good things happen to your friends, but it can also be hard when they go through struggles and trauma. 

6. You attract energy vampires

Do you find energy vampires gravitate towards your presence? This is a very draining experience. Your empathy is a beautiful quality - but it’s also a quality that can be easily taken advantage of. 

7. You know when someone is lying 

Lies do not fool you. You know when you’re being lied to - you can feel it through the way they act, speak, and feel. 

Empathy vs. sympathy vs. intuitive 

Empathy, sympathy, and intuitiveness are often used interchangeably. However, they do have distinct meanings. 


Empathy is generally defined as the ability to not only understand the feelings of another, but also identify, share, and imagine those feelings.


Similar to empathy but slightly different. Sympathy is more about being able to feel things for someone else’s misfortune, whereas empathy is more about experiencing the feelings of others. 


If you are intuitive, you have the natural ability to inherently know something without direct evidence.  You know things based on feelings rather than simply facts. 

Ways an empathetic psychic can help with your relationships 

An empathetic psychic has a beautiful combination of being able to both relate to the soul and mind, and the capacity to feel one’s feelings as if they are their own. They are skillful listeners and can pick up on unique qualities based on subtle cues and energies - even over the phone. This is extremely useful for anyone who is navigating relationships because they can put themselves in your position and also the other person in your relationship - whether it’s a friend, family member, romantic partner, co-worker, or neighbor. 

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