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Happy New Year from all of us at PSI! 2018!

We are ready to start off a fresh new year. We welcome all that 2018 has to offer. We send well wishes to each and every one of you. 

We are open Friday and Saturday. We will be closed for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. We are back on our regular schedule on January 2, 2018. We can't wait to help you with a forecasting reading. Forecasting readings are very popular in the new year. 

Halloween Psychic Symbols

Halloween generally refers to All-Hallows-Eve. This is the night before All Saints Day. The name dates back to the 1500’s. Halloween also harks back to the Roman harvest festival which celebrated the apple harvest. There was also a mention of a festival to honor the spirits of deceased ancestors. The Celts had the festival of Samhain which celebrated the harvest and the transition into winter This festival seems to date back to the 10th Century.

Friday the 13th is coming

Watch out!  Friday the 13th, often referred to as one of the unluckiest days of the year is coming!
What should you be made aware of regarding this so-called luckless day? Why is Friday the 13th considered unlucky? 

Origins of this myth include the following and may help explain the lack of luck on this particular day:

1.  The 13th guest at the last supper supposedly was Judas. The next day, Friday, is often referred to as the date of the crucifixion.

Is my intuition always right? - Notes from Renee's Facebook Live

Is my intuition always right?
Yes – and, no.
The answer to this question is yes and no. Your purest intuition is accurate. It can be blocked by your own thoughts, wants and feelings - leading to incorrect results. You can learn how to use your intuition to help people. It is hard to read for yourself and people who are close to you emotionally because thoughts can get in the way and block your true intuition. 

Understand Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities are simply extensions of senses that most people possess. These senses have applications in your daily life. In order to understand your particular gift, understanding the terms that fall under the general umbrella of psychic should be helpful.

Psychic Terms and Meanings

Remember Yourself During The Holidays!

The busy holiday season is here. Where did the time go?

Limited Time New Client Psychic Reading Special!

We're excited to launch a new LIMITED TIME special for new clients! The special is $30 for a 15 minute reading. New clients can now try our service for $30. Call the office now to book your $30 - 15 minute reading before this special ends!

New Commenting System at The Psychic Line

Happy Flag Day!  We have an upgrade to our commenting system to announce today.  We've done away with our old commenting system that didn't have many features at all & added a feature rich system driven by Disqus.  You can find the new comments fueled by Disqus at the bottom of every blog post (Like this one!) and readers page.  Feel free to login with your Facebook, Twitter or Disqus account and post a comment.  Of course, you can always just choose a name and post a comment without logging in.

Coupon #1 from the Website Redesign flier - See here!

Hello friends!  

We wanted to thank you for coming to our website.  The happy face special is 5 minutes free with the purchase of 15 minutes or more.  This is not to be combined with any other offer.  Current clients only.  Must use on or before May 29, 2013.  

Enjoy some extra time on your psychic reading for checking out our new site!  And, check back in the future to see what is new.  Have a wonderful day.  We look forward to booking a psychic reading for you!  

Paramount Solutions Inc. Website Facelift!

Just a quick note to all of our friends, clients and psychic readers about our website overhaul. We are currently in the process of adding features to enhance our website. We are extremely excited about the new site and we encourage any and all feedback. As a small business, we really value our client’s opinions, advice and thoughts. We would like to reassure our clients that we are still Paramount Solutions, Inc. We are completely independent and family owned and operated. Our office staff is here, ready to help and ready to book you!