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What Is the Meaning of a Black Aura?

Did you know that human beings radiate a low level of electricity at all times?

Scientists would call this our electromagnetic field. But many ancient practices and philosophies call that field an "aura".

Aura's shift and change as we move through the inevitable ups and downs of life. And if your life has been a little more down than up lately, you may be emitting a black aura.


But before we get into that, let's find out more about what an aura is in the first place.

What is the meaning of the Rainbow Aura?

What is the meaning of a Rainbow Aura?

A Rainbow Aura is a very positive sign, associated with paranormal abilities and enlightenment. It represents the aura surrounding psychics, mediums and other spiritually advanced people.

It also involves an aura of colors "brighter than bright" surrounding such a person - brighter than any rainbow!

[1] The color spectrum of that light permeating around someone who possesses this sign can shift to include brilliant white and gold in addition to the more usual colors seen in our normal world.

Chakra Colors Meanings

You've probably heard the word bandied about in the wellness community. Balancing your chakras. Aligning your chakras. Sound familiar?

But what exactly is a chakra anyway? Does it matter in my everyday life? Should I bother learning more about this esoteric concept?

The short answer: absolutely yes!

Chakras have the power to transform your life. That's exactly why you hear spiritually connected professionals like yoga teachers and massage therapists talk about them. 

Spiritual Significance of Halloween

Halloween is a time for kids to dress up in their best costumes, go door-to-door collecting candy, and generally have fun.

What many people do not realize is that Halloween has deep spiritual significance. It's quite unfortunate that festivities undermine this special date.

Dream Moods: How Do Bad Dreams Affect Moods?

Have you been feeling moody lately? If so, your dreams may be the reason why.

We all experience bad moods from time to time. To learn more about dream moods, let's first look at what a bad dream is. Bad dreams can happen for many reasons.

They usually occur when something happens in the person's life that makes them feel scared or stressed out. In this blog post, we will highlight what dream moods are and how they affect our lives.

So whenever you're ready to dive deep into the ephemeral world of shuteye, keep reading.

What Is an Old Soul? A Brief Guide

People often describe themselves as old souls for a reason. They feel like they've been around forever and have seen everything. The term is tossed around casually, but what does it really mean?

To understand the concept of an old soul, you first need to know about reincarnation. When someone dies, their soul moves on to another body or form to continue its journey through life.

What Is Manifestation? How to Manifest

What Is Manifestation and How to Manifest

Are you struggling with your life? Does everything seem to be going wrong? Does this make you lose motivation? 

You don't have to give up on the things that you want just because you feel like you aren't achieving your goals on the timeline that other people are working with. Remember, your path isn't the same as anyone else's. You need to trust that the universe has its own plan for you. 

If you're resistant to that plan, though, you might never open yourself up to it. How can you fix that problem? 

What Is a Spiritual Empath? The Facts, Revealed

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with other people's emotions. The empaths among us feel these emotions the most acutely, and they often find themselves overwhelmed by them.

However, the spiritual empath is one of the rarer types of empaths. This means that their empathic abilities extend into spirituality as well! What does it mean to be a spiritual empath?

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the energy and feelings of an empath. This is so you can draw parallels between the characteristics and your own life.