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Is my intuition always right? - Notes from Renee's Facebook Live

Is my intuition always right?
Yes – and, no.
The answer to this question is yes and no. Your purest intuition is accurate. It can be blocked by your own thoughts, wants and feelings - leading to incorrect results. You can learn how to use your intuition to help people. It is hard to read for yourself and people who are close to you emotionally because thoughts can get in the way and block your true intuition. 
Intuition is a quick feeling about a situation or person. Always pay attention to your first impressions and feelings when entering a new situation. 
When you get that “gut feeling” you are having intuition. Intuition can help you stay away from danger. As we get older, intuition gets stronger. Life experience helps develop intuition.
Tips to access your intuition - 
Take notes on first impressions of a situation – person –
Keep a journal - look back on it regularly

Use imagery
Test yourself
Find your creative space
Trust yourself
Turn inward
Take time to yourself
Acknowledge your true self 
Stay quiet and listen

Times when it’s hard to trust your intuition

When you REALLY want something to happen

When it involves a love interest

When the issue is in the hands of other people


Because your thought process might actually cloud your intuition. 

You might project what you want over what your intuition is actually saying


Everyone has an issue with this - even the BEST, most accurate psychic readers - 

We call it being too close to a situation. It makes listening to your own psychic abilities difficult - if not impossible. 

This is why psychic readers get readings. They know that even though they have highly tuned intuition, sometimes it's better to get a different opinion. 

That is one of the many reasons, we have been the choice for so many psychic readers for readings over the years. 

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