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Renee's notes from Facebook Live on Secret Loves - Someone is secretly in love with you

21 Apr

Welcome to this edition of FB live and hello to our youtube friends. I am Renee - one of the booking agents for psychic readings at Paramount Solutions, inc.

Our office is located in Orlando, Florida. Our readers are throughout the US. We look for clairvoyant psychic readers - tarot card - psychic mediums. If you’re a reader, please apply! We are always looking for amazing and accurate psychics. We treat our clients and readers fairly. We love what we do.

You can call for a reading 1-800-966-2294 We have new client specials available.

Posted a pic with a small description today on our page

“There is someone out there who secretly loves you” - Most people asked who the secret love was? Others said - “No way do I have anyone who secretly loves me”

Also - most people thought of Romantic relationships.

Not necessarily - Love comes in many forms.

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Is my intuition always right? - Notes from Renee's Facebook Live

10 Mar

Is my intuition always right?

Yes – and, no.

The answer to this question is yes and no. Your purest intuition is accurate. It can be blocked by your own thoughts, wants and feelings - leading to incorrect results. You can learn how to use your intuition to help people. It is hard to read for yourself and people who are close to you emotionally because thoughts can get in the way and block your true intuition.

Intuition is a quick feeling about a situation or person. Always pay attention to your first impressions and feelings when entering a new situation.

When you get that “gut feeling” you are having intuition. Intuition can help you stay away from danger. As we get older, intuition gets stronger. Life experience helps develop intuition.

Tips to access your intuition -

Take notes on first impressions of a situation – person –

Keep a journal - look back on it regularly

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What we do - and - what we do NOT do

10 Feb

We understand that calling a psychic service can be intimidating. We wanted to put this list out there to hopefully clear up some questions. We are a small, privately owned psychic service. Our home office is in Orlando, Florida. Our readers are throughout the United States.

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Readers who are clairvoyant with Tarot cards

13 Jul

Readers who are clairvoyant with Tarot Cards - They are clairvoyant meaning that they pick up visually on the client's past, present and future. Tarot cards are used to support and guide the reader during the reading. Readers who use cards may use a certain Tarot card spread or may just throw one or two cards for validation and direction of the reading. Readers who are Clairvoyant with Tarot cards are just as accurate as strictly clairvoyant psychic readers. Generally speaking, readers who use some Tarot cards in their readings are better with timing of events.There are many different types and styles of Tarot cards.

Personal, private and professional psychic readings by phone.
entertainment 18+

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