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Someone is secretly in love with you

Renee's notes from Facebook Live on Secret Loves - Someone is secretly in love with you

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Posted a pic with a small description today on our page

“There is someone out there who secretly loves you” - Most people asked who the secret love was? Others said - “No way do I have anyone who secretly loves me”

Also - most people thought of Romantic relationships. 

Not necessarily - Love comes in many forms. 

You come into contact with many people in your life. Soulmates come and go throughout your life. Learning to recognize love is important. Friendship is important. 

We also stated on the caption “You probably secretly love someone” 

Who do you secretly love? Is it true love or more of a lust? In order to figure this out - you must determine lust from love 

How to determine lust from love- 

Lust - Based on physical attributes. 
You don’t know the person well. 
You prefer the fantasy versus the thought of everyday life with that person.
You’re not friends. 
There isn’t true intimacy - sharing of secrets, inside jokes, knowing the person’s struggles and accomplishments - what they really love to do and what their life goals are --- caring about finding all of that out. 
Experiencing jealousy - why didn’t this person text back immediately? 
Experiencing insecurity - Feeling uneasy around the person. They don’t seem to care about your feelings. 

Love - 
Can happen by accident
Not based on fairytale ideals
The people genuinely care about each other and each other’s well beings.
Doesn’t have to be a physical relationship
Not based on physical appearance
Love doesn’t go away
It’s a spiritual connection
The thought of that person makes you happy
You are free to be yourself around that person
Someone you always appreciate and wish the best in life for
Sometimes people keep love secret because they are shy or embarrassed about their feelings. Sometimes they feel that they haven’t found the right time to tell you. Sometimes times change fast and there isn’t a chance. 

Sometimes life changes and you don’t see that person as often as you used to -

Job, life change, move - 

It doesn’t mean that love goes away. Love remains over the distance and throughout life. 

We learn from our clients everyday. Many of our clients are looking for love and their soul mate. 

A secret love my be currently in your life or it may be someone from your past --- not necessarily someone you dated - so don’t run and call or text an old flame unless it is someone who you think could be healthy for you to have back into your life. 

The person who secretly loves you can be a friend or romantic connection who appears in your life from time to time. That person may be an old crush or that person may be a best friend who you lost touch with over the years. 

You probably do have someone who secretly loves you. Our readers would LOVE to help with this! This is our top area of specialty. 

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