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Energy Vampires

What is an Energy Vampire? 3 Signs to Watch For



We all go through “down” phases. Sometimes these phases are attributed to weather, a specific event, or a general life rut. But it’s important to acknowledge these feelings and recognize if it’s manifesting as a “zapping” of other people’s energies. For example, is a bad mood turning into a habit? Are vent sessions feeling more like verbal dumps? Is a relationship feeling toxic? If this reminds you of someone you know (perhaps even yourself) - you may be dealing with a psychic vampire, also known as an energy vampire. 

How do you know if you’re a psychic / energy vampire - or if one of your coworkers, friends, or family members are one? And how can an energy vampire work to not be one? We’ll walk you through ways to identify the qualities of a psychic vampire, along with six practical ways to raise your vibrational energy. 

What is a Psychic & Energy Vampire? 

First off, if you’re worried you might be an energy vampire, that’s a huge sign you’re not a “lifelong” energy vampire and more likely a “transient” one. This means, there are absolutely things you can do to raise your energy and stop draining others (more on that below). 

Energy vampires are people who take energy from others to temporarily fill themselves up. They often seek out positive and compassionate people who will let them dump their feelings. However it’s never enough. Once they feel empty again, the cycle repeats. Ultimately, the energy vampire will feel empty and so will the person they’re draining. 

People like this may feel like they’re constantly surrounded by drama or that everything bad happens to them - but they rarely take action to do something about it. They’re often manipulative (knowingly or unknowingly) and find themselves in the position of talking more than listening. 

It’s also crucial to know there’s a huge difference between needing support from someone and sucking up someone’s energy. The former is absolutely valid - but the latter requires self-reflection and re-direction.  

3 Signs of An Energy / Psychic Vampire 

You are constantly looking for energy from others

Do you find yourself needing others to feel energized and supported? Do you lean on others so much you’re essentially laying on top of them? If so, this is a huge sign you aren’t in a position to lift yourself up on your own and, therefore, overly reliant on others.

You don’t like to be alone

Alone time shouldn’t feel like a punishment. When you enjoy your own company, it puts you in a much better position to add value to people’s lives - and not do the opposite. 

You surround yourself with positive thinkers, but you drain their energy

When we struggle we often seek to surround ourselves with positive, compassionate, and nurturing people. While this may sound like a good thing, check yourself to ensure you’re not taking their energy for yourself. Taking advantage of friends, coworkers, and family members is unsustainable for both you and the loved one in your life. 

6 Ways to Raise Your Vibrational Energy 

If you know someone (or you are someone) who identifies with the above qualities, there is work that can be done. Here are six ways to raise your vibrational energy: 

1. Meditate 

There are so many reasons to meditate. Some of the biggest reasons are that it increases self-awareness, brings new perspective, reduces stress, and helps one be kinder. 

Tip: Instead of reaching for the phone to call someone when you need to work through something, try meditating first. This can help you re-center on your own, which is incredibly empowering. 

2. Balance Chakras

Focusing on your breath, meditating, doing yoga, and doing a mindful activity (walking, crocheting, gardening, cooking) are all ways to balance your chakras. 

3. Set Boundaries 

Go to bed at a certain time. Only see others for a certain amount of time. Go to yoga. These are all wonderful ways to set boundaries and put yourself in the best position to not only improve your relationships with others - but also improve your relationship with yourself. 

4.  Journal

The benefits of journaling range from improving your consciousness to alleviating anxiety. Like meditating - journaling can provide a beautiful outlet for self-reflection and understanding. 

Tip: If you feel like venting to a friend, vent to your journal first. This will put you in a better position to talk through things clearly with a friend when you do connect. 

5. Ask Questions 

When you are with other people, be sure to ask them questions. Stay attuned to other people’s needs, body language, and verbal cues. 

6. Get Fresh Air 

Mindful movement and fresh air are a perfect combination to gain new perspective, healthy insight, and ultimately, better energy. 

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