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11 ways to enhance your ability to pick up on spirit

Enhance Your Mediumship abilities
Learning to connect safely with other dimensional beings is often a concern for people as they explore their mediumship abilities.  Hopefully, some of the following suggestions will help.
1.  Most psychics develop a filter for protection.  Often they will work with a Spirit Guide or Angel that keeps out the bad energies.
2.  It may help to use an affirmation to open and/or close the communicational gate.  One example is to ask for guidance and only allow helpful, loving information to come through.
3.  You probably will not be able to control who or what comes in during a session. Remember to be respectful and pay attention to the messages you might receive.
4.  Lighting a candle may be helpful.  Candlelight is said to light the way for spirits and help create a calm, positive atmosphere.
5.  Certain crystals may also help. You can carry them around with you, if you wish. Amethyst, amber, charoite, or angelite may help you with opening up to spirit.
6.  Aromatherapy may also help. Burning sandalwood should assist with opening up your channels while adding a layer of protection between dimensions.
7.  It is generally important to pay attention to whatever comes through.  You are not necessarily in control of who or what comes through. Respectfully and appreciatively receiving and/or sharing whatever information that is provided should be your primary concern.
8.  It is generally important to avoid the use of drugs or alcohol during a session. Mediums should strive to keep their vibrational energy nice and clear.
9.  It may help to meditate.  This should assist in keeping your energy balanced and clear.
10.  Everyday signs might be important.  It is thought that spirit communicate in many different ways.  This may be by music (same song over and over), repetitive sightings of cardinals or other symbols, familiar smells, numbers that appear over and over again, or even conversations with other people.
11.  It would probably help to find a reputable mentor to assist you with your quest to develop your psychic mediumship abilities. 

Enhancing your mediumship is a process that should be explored carefully. This ability needs to be treated with respect and consistency. With practice and patience, you might be able to experience this special gift and communicate in a positive manner with the other side.  Messages of clarity, eternal love, and support may start coming through for you.  Calling The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions, Inc. and connecting with a psychic medium may help you in your journey toward becoming a psychic medium.