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Different types of psychic abilities explained

Clairvoyance is defined as the art of psychic seeing. A clairvoyant reader might see pictures in their head or be able to see events take place (kind of like a movie). They also may be able to see images or symbols through their mind’s eye that are relevant to a person’s situation. The images may be from the client's past, present or future.

7 Signs of Clairvoyance

11 ways to enhance your ability to pick up on spirit

Enhance Your Mediumship abilities
Learning to connect safely with other dimensional beings is often a concern for people as they explore their mediumship abilities.  Hopefully, some of the following suggestions will help.
1.  Most psychics develop a filter for protection.  Often they will work with a Spirit Guide or Angel that keeps out the bad energies.
2.  It may help to use an affirmation to open and/or close the communicational gate.  One example is to ask for guidance and only allow helpful, loving information to come through.

5 questions to ask yourself to see if you are an empath

Being an empathic person means that you can pick up on another being's energy, feelings and emotions.

Here are some questions to consider if you are trying to figure out if you are an empath.

1. When you hear that something bad or good happens to another person, can you feel that pain or happiness?

2. Do you have a hard time being in crowds because of energy overload? Do crowds make you feel drained or energetic?

3. Are you overly sensitive to your own emotions? Are you told you need to be tough?

4. Is it really tough for you to watch the news?