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What Does it Mean to Open Your Third Eye?

Also known as the Ajna Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra is located in the middle of your forehead, just between your eyes. It's believed that the third eye is considered the center of someone's consciousness, conscience and wisdom. 

What it means to open the third eye? Apart from being associated with extrasensory perception and clairvoyance, the third eye also controls your thought process and your intuition. Once opened, it will give you clarity on what you see and experience in your life. Because it's called the sixth sense, the third eye is the most perceptive part of the human body. However, to fully understand how beneficial your third eye is, it needs to be kept open, like all the other chakras

Benefits of Opening Your Third Eye Chakra

When you open the third eye, it makes it easy for you to access your subconscious mind. That means that what others find difficult to access or seemed impossible to access, will be easier for you. As a result, your intuition will improve, and you will become more aware of the physical world. 

You Attain a Higher Level of Consciousness

Opening your third eye won't be easy, but it can be highly beneficial for you when it opens. You can help other people with it. One of the benefits of opening your third eye is that you will be connected with the Supreme Power or the Universe. You will have a complete understanding of why things happen; you'll be able to see the connection and the grander scheme of things. 

When you attain this level of consciousness, you can use this to guide you and enlighten you about anything. You can request help from the universe and get support in return. 

You Can See Beyond What is Present Physically

By opening your third eye, you will have a whole new level of awareness of the physical world. You'll become more aware of your consciousness and will be at peace with yourself. You'll find balance and overcome the weaknesses or limitations of your physical self. 

Opening your third eye doesn't happen overnight. For some people, it may even take years. You'll need to find the time and commit to opening your third eye. Also, it's best to work with the other chakras as that's a prerequisite to opening your third eye. 

Tips for Opening Your Third Eye


Meditations offer several benefits, and that includes helping you open the third eye. When you meditate, ensure that you focus your attention on your third eye. Try to observe the kind of thoughts or images that come and go. Don't judge them; simply become aware that they are there. Do this for a few minutes each day. Eventually, it's going to help you finally open your third eye. 

Do Yoga

We suggest that you try Kundalini yoga as it's more intense than the other yoga poses. Should you decide to go with regular yoga, try the vinyasa practice, especially the child's pose and just focus on your third eye for up to five minutes. 

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are plant extracts from flowers or leaves. They are best for balancing your chakras and they also smell good. You can try lavender, jasmine, parsley or pine. Simply put a few drops either in your pillowcase or on your bath. Better yet, using these essential oils during your meditation. 

Record Your Dreams

Dreams are strange, weird, wonderful and sometimes scary. Whether your dreams make sense or not, consider recording them every night. If you can wake up after dreaming, sit down with a notebook and a pen. Begin recording them. It would be best for you not to wait until morning as you may likely forget your dreams during the night. 

As you start your dream journal, look for signs about opening your third eye. You need to pay close attention to your dreams for this to work. You need to focus. As much as possible, tell yourself before bed to remember your dreams. The vivid the dreams, the better. 

Eat a Balanced Diet

Healthy food isn't only good for your body and mind, but it's also good for your third eye. Great food choices are essential to help align your chakras. Junk food and soda won't be able to help you. If you really want to open your third eye, consider eating colorful food such as grapes, kale, sweet potatoes and blueberries. Consider adding apple cider vinegar to your drinks, too, as that can help you detoxify your pineal gland. 

Bring Out Those Crystals

Crystals and gemstones are also effective in helping you balance your third eye chakra. Go with amethyst, rhodonite, sodalite, and lolite. Amethyst is more affordable and links the third and your crown chakra. It allows the energy to freely flow through your crown, to the lower chakras, and then to the third chakra. 

With constant practice, you'll be able to open your third eye. What are the signs that your third eye is finally opening?


As it opens, you may likely experience frequent headaches. At first, it will be mild, and then gradually, it will become more intense. You'll get a headache because the Kundalini energy is trying to activate the final stage of opening your third eye. Apart from headaches, you may also experience pressure in the middle of your forehead. 

You Are More Intuitive

When your third eye opens, your intuitive powers will suddenly become stronger. It will reach a whole new level. It's likely for you to know how the people feel and what people will do after. As soon as you notice these signs, use them well. Your intuition will guide you through the right spiritual path. 

More Vivid and Lucid Dreams

As your third eye opens, you may have frequent lucid and vivid dreams. Unlike a typical dream, you get to control your dream when you are lucid dreaming. This may happen to you frequently when your third eye is already opened. Also, your dreams will be more vivid, as they may contain messages that you need to know. 

Should you ever dream about certain events from the past, make sure that you do take action. Try to meditate on it and see how the dream makes you feel. 

You Become More Sensitive to Sound and Light

As the third eye opens, you may be more sensitive to sounds and lights. As much as possible, consider avoiding places that have bright lights or very loud music as you won't be able to focus or concentrate. 

You'll Notice Synchronicities in Life

When you have the third eye opened, you will be spiritually awakened. You'll realize that everything happens for a reason, that there is no such thing as coincidences. You'll gain a deeper understanding of your purpose and experiences. 

You'll Seek a Higher Purpose in Life

When the third eye is open, you'll start to notice the synchronicities and may have telepathic abilities. In addition, you will begin working about having a more meaningful life, a life with a purpose. 

Is It Dangerous to Open Your Third Eye?

Some people may say that it's not good to open your third eye. Keep in mind that fear and anxiety may play tricks on your mind. It will make you believe that it's not a good idea to open the third eye and that it may even lead to negative or dangerous consequences. 

Remember, there might be side effects of opening your third eye. However, you'll be fine so long as you know how to manage them. People who fail to manage their third eye may experience these symptoms:

  • Uncanny intuitions
  • Nightmares
  • Out of body experience
  • Fear and disorientation
  • Erratic behavior

When you experience the symptoms above, you may consider getting help from a professional so they can guide you better on how to effectively manage your third eye. 

Also, it might help if you can convince yourself that opening your third eye is actually beneficial, and you can help tons of people with it. 

Never succumb to negativity, as that will only lead to nowhere. As much as possible, always be optimistic about opening your third eye. You'll get positive experiences as a result. 

Are You Ready to Open Your Third Eye?

Opening your third eye shouldn't scare you. You should be grateful as there are things you can do to open your third eye. When used well, you'd be able to help many people, especially those who need guidance. 

If you're one of those people who are very intuitive or when you have fully opened your third eye, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. You can use your abilities to help other people who may be lost. Contact us today for more info.