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What is my Destiny?

Destiny!  Exactly what does it mean for us in our daily lives?  The word itself may simply mean that there is a set path which cannot be deviated from.  A good comparison would be a destination set by a GPS.  You put in the coordinates and move forward from start to finish.  The end result is your destiny or destination.  The GPS does not claim to know how the path was chosen, or if you are really going to follow the chosen path. This is where free will comes in.  Free will determines how a path is chosen from start to finish. 

It is important to understand that destiny is based on a number of choices.  Life is not much different than planning a road trip.  The main goal is moving smoothly from point A to Z.  However, there may be other considerations along the way.  Life is a long journey.  Just like a vehicle making a long road trip, you may need to stop for fuel, pay attention to how you function physically, end up on a bumpy road if you have made an unwise decision as to the route you choose to take, end up taking a scenic cut off which may cause a delay in your journey, mistakenly make a wrong turn, have a breakdown, get lost, have an accident, run into a crazy driver with road rage, or run into traffic jams that impede you in reaching your goal. 

Life is much more complicated than simply planning a road trip in a vehicle.  However, your destiny involves making many choices along the way.  When you make choices, you are making a determination as where you are going.  The summation of your choices equals your destiny.

The concept of destiny can be compared to a common physical reality.  We have all heard the phrase, “What goes up, must come down.”  This saying reflects something that everyone is familiar with – gravity!  Science does not have just one explanation for gravity.   Not having a single definition for gravity does not mean it does not exist.  While gravity keeps our feet on the ground, many of us have experienced the negative effects of gravity and have the bruises to prove it.  Our journey through life is much the same.  We experience our destiny much the same way we experience gravity.  Understanding why and how is a mystery.

Destiny is the result of a lot of different factors.  Your destiny is a fascinating mix involving free will and final destinations.  People often turn to metaphysics in order to assist them in figuring out their destiny.  Understanding destiny and the energy that is influencing it may be challenging.

Since destiny involves choices, people often call on a psychic to assist them in understanding their destiny.  Talking to a psychic is not really much different than calling upon an auto mechanic to assist you with your vehicle if there is a problem or break down while you are on your road trip.  A psychic reader may have the tools you need to understand in order to give your life the tune up it needs.

A gifted psychic should be able to assist you in understanding your destiny.  There are many tools used in divination.  There are many different types of psychic abilities.  There are many, many questions about destiny.  A psychic may be able to guide you to an understanding of your destiny by helping you look at your past and present by taking an objective look at your preferences, dislikes, habits, people in your life, passions, reactions, and other signs that you may miss but are right in plain sight.

What is your destiny?  The answer may involve looking both inward and outward.  What gifts do you have to share with others?  What outside obstacles or influences are you facing?  There is usually not just one obvious thing that determines your destiny.  It would be nice to have a defining mysterious moment that reveals our destiny.  However, destiny is generally determined by who you are and your response to subtle events that you may think unimportant. 

Physical limitations would be an example of something that helps determine destiny.  If you face a physical challenge like being born unable to walk, you probably will not be a champion runner.  If you are extremely intelligent, you probably will not be happy in a career that is not challenging mentally.

Other challenges regarding the discovery of your destiny might involve your internal compass.  The internal compass is that which connects the reality of the physical realm and our inner reality.  It acts as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind.  Your internal compass is often very helpful.  It is that little voice in your head that warns you if something is wrong.  For example, you may sense that an area you are in is dangerous and react quickly and leave.  The unconscious mind is often able to pick up on subtle clues that the logical mind would take too long to process.  Listening to your intuition may save you a lot of trouble – even your life.

If your internal compass is off and you react in a fearful manner when you meet someone new, you may miss out on the opportunity to move forward.  You may actually sabotage a relation with a soul mate – a person that should be very important in your life.  If you have been mistreated in a relationship in the past, your internal compass may mistakenly tell you to put up blocks to a soul mate or ignore them completely. 

Your destiny is a journey that should be fully experienced full of lessons and rich experiences.  Take in the scenery and enjoy.   Lessons learned along the way should make your life happier and richer as you proceed on your road trip. 

We have been put here on earth with gifts and the ability to choose our path.  Free will is the mechanism that helps determine destiny.  Our internal compass helps put everything together for us as we move on down the road.

A psychic reader should be able to provide you with insight in order to help resolve issues regarding your destiny.  What are you supposed to achieve in this life?  What gifts do you have that supports and leads you down destiny’s path? 
You do have the ability to understand your destiny.  Just take a look around and examine where your choices are taking you.  You are the one that sets the course for your destiny – just like a GPS programmed for your special road trip.