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There is hope for psychic energy vampires

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04 Dec

There are some people who are always going to be psychic vampires. They will not be the ones questioning on whether they are psychic vampires or not. They are the lifetime psychic vampires.

If a person is questioning their energy and whether or not they are a psychic vampire, it signals that person is probably able to work on their energy so they are not a lifelong psychic vampire. They are more of a transient psychic vampire. There is hope for moving forward with good energy and raising vibration.

You can work on your energy the same way you work on becoming more psychic. Learn to meditate, set boundaries, journal, take time for yourself, and cleanse your energy. Take time to listen to your friends - spend a whole conversation learning about them. Balance your chakras through diet, exercise and mediation. Grounding, getting outside and breathing fresh air, looking inward for answers and get help if needed.

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New Moon Affirmations

15 Apr

We love starting the month of a new moon with a intentions and affirmations. We light a white candle to bring in positive energy. We recommend saying your affirmations out loud.

I accept the things coming into my life with positivity. I am open for possibilities and opportunities. I support others with light and I support the good in others. Every day is a gift. I will not limit myself. I am focused on creating peace and love with every decision I make. My intentions are to move forward in positivity, peace and light.

You may add to this affirmation or make it more personal for your situation. We recommend only using positive words in setting intentions. If you have goals that you want to attain this month, be sure to include them in your affirmation.

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11 ways to enhance your ability to pick up on spirit

23 Oct

Enhance Your Mediumship abilities
Learning to connect safely with other dimensional beings is often a concern for people as they explore their mediumship abilities. Hopefully, some of the following suggestions will help.
1. Most psychics develop a filter for protection. Often they will work with a Spirit Guide or Angel that keeps out the bad energies.
2. It may help to use an affirmation to open and/or close the communicational gate. One example is to ask for guidance and only allow helpful, loving information to come through.
3. You probably will not be able to control who or what comes in during a session. Remember to be respectful and pay attention to the messages you might receive.
4. Lighting a candle may be helpful. Candlelight is said to light the way for spirits and help create a calm, positive atmosphere.

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Your Clairvoyance

27 Sep

Clairvoyance simply means "clear seeing." The person who has this psychic ability generally uses their third eye to visualize events from the past, present or future.

It is somewhat different from the sort of intuition that most people experience. For example, many people know when someone is going to call them on the telephone. They feel the energy and actually know beforehand who is on the phone even before it rings. This is a common experience.

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6 ways to find hope in a dreary situation

10 May

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But what happens if the lemonade requires a little water and sugar to taste sweet, and you don't have those ingredients? When things seem to turn for the worse after being bad, it can seem like a hopeless situation. There has to be a way to turn hopeless into hopeful and deal with the negative experiences.

1. Find ways to nurture your soul and take care of yourself. Slow down, get the correct amount of sleep, eat healthy food. Just taking basic care of yourself can really help when dealing with a setback.

2. Show appreciation for the people who are willing to help. You may not realize how many helpers you have. Focus on someone who is using their energy and give them thanks. Telling someone they are appreciated goes a long way in keeping that person around. The bigger support network, the better!

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Remember Yourself During The Holidays!

03 Dec

Remember yourself during the holidays. Do not let stress overwhelm you. Use a tested psychic reader as a tool to take control and understand the dynamics influencing the stress of the holiday season.

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