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Remember Yourself During The Holidays!

The busy holiday season is here. Where did the time go?

Remember yourself during the holidays! Do not become overwhelmed by the madness of the season. This season is often a source of stress. Stress can be from many different sources. A life full of demands and deadlines generally causes a stress response. A stress response is a normal physical reaction to things that throw you off balance. If you are running in high gear, your body will respond accordingly. The stress response is meant to be helpful in meeting challenges. It is what helps you rise to the occasion. However, the stress response can be too much of a good thing and may actually cause damage to your physical health, mental acuity, ability to perform, relationships, and general living experience.

The negative thing about stress is that you may be unaware that it is taking a toll. Every person has a unique response to too much stress. Some people freeze and cannot get anything done. You may look peaceful, but underneath are a boiling volcano. Some people simply try to ignore the situation. They appear to be uninterested and do not show how they are feeling. Others have the full-speed-ahead response and may be very emotional, fidgety, nervous or appear scattered.

Stress may be our helper, but too much stress puts us on overload. Some of the signs that we may be under too much stress include memory impairment, lack of concentration, an inability to stop worrying, questionable decision making, and negativity. This may result in mood swings, a quick temper, an underlying feeling of sadness, or not being able to relax. Stress overload may also include extra aches and pains, disruptions in digestion, loss of interest in sex, catching lots of colds, sleep problems, breathing too fast, tightness in chest, etc. People often respond to all of this by dietary changes, using drugs, using too much alcohol, using cigarettes, chewing on your nails, withdrawing from loved ones, skin disruptions, etc. You get the picture.

Symptoms of stress often mimic other physical problems. It might be a good idea to consult with your doctor or other professional just in case if you suspect something. The level of your stress tolerance varies from person to person. The more alone you are, the more stress may become a difficult issue. Do you have support from others? Optimists seem to be better equipped to deal with stress. People that like a challenge and have a good sense of humor also seem to be able to overcome the negative effects of stress. A calm attitude may also be helpful. Also, understanding yourself and others may provide relief. The causes of stress and your response may be a result of your perception of the situations at hand.

The tested clairvoyant psychics or tarot readers at The Original Solution Psychics may be a great resource to assist you in dealing with the added stress that the holidays provide. A telephone psychic may be able to help you get a handle on your stress response or provide insight into how and/or why others around you are behaving. Understanding how you or your loved ones are feeling or reacting should be very helpful in navigating the holidays. Using a psychic as a tool for insight may be a way to enhance your holiday experience. For example, a tune up on how to effectively meditate may be very soothing and provide relief. Or, insight into why your lover has seemingly turned off in the bedroom should be helpful. Is it simply stress, or something more sinister? A relationship psychic may be able to help you determine what is really going on. A psychic may be just the ticket to help you sort out your issues at work, with family, with lovers, with feelings in general, relationships, etc.

Remember yourself, take a moment to give your mind a break during the holidays. You deserve the gift of peace. Let one of our psychic advisors assist you. Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday. Be sure and watch your email for specials. Check out our website at We are here to try to help.

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