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Reach Out and Show Love

The holidays can be a rough time of year for so many. While it is supposed to be a happy time of year, it can also a nostalgic time where grief and memories can really be difficult. We wanted to encourage each of our followers to reach out and show some love to people who may be having a difficult time. 

The Holidays and Empaths

The holiday season is upon us. There may be lots of exposure to social events where you will probably be mingling with lots of people and combinations of people that are not usually around you. If you are an empath, this could be problematic.

Empaths seem to absorb energy like a sponge soaks up water. People are attracted to empaths because they seem to have the ability to lighten the load for others. Unfortunately, this may increase their personal energy load, causing them experience a psychic short circuit.

Being alone on the Holidays without being lonely

This time of year is extremely difficult on everyone. But to those who live alone and do not have a place to go on the holidays, it can be almost unbearable. There are a few things one can do to help feel less lonely during the holiday season. 

Remember Yourself During The Holidays!

The busy holiday season is here. Where did the time go?

Phone Readings during the holidays

One of our busiest times of year is the holiday season.  There are many reasons for this time of year to be so busy.  Dealing with family, dealing with relationships, figuring out the right direction to go in the new year and just having a reader to talk to and help with stress all top the list.  Our readers can help with all areas of interest.  Having an outside, private point of view from a professional psychic reader can really help when holiday stress and emotions are running high.  Please know that you are not alone during the holidays.