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The Holidays and Empaths

The Holidays and Empaths

The holiday season is upon us. There may be lots of exposure to social events where you will probably be mingling with lots of people and combinations of people that are not usually around you. If you are an empath, this could be problematic.

Empaths seem to absorb energy like a sponge soaks up water. People are attracted to empaths because they seem to have the ability to lighten the load for others. Unfortunately, this may increase their personal energy load, causing them experience a psychic short circuit.

The excitement of the holidays may cause Empaths to experience heightened ups and downs. It is important for those that are sensitive and empathic to take some “me” time in order to reset their circuits. A call to The Psychic Line would probably be an excellent idea. Take a few minutes to talk to one of our tested telephone psychics and use them as a source to help you navigate the holidays.

Be sure to take some time for yourself so you can really enjoy the holidays.