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Manifest Love by Making a List

Many people are looking for love, but it is important to manifest the right partner for you. Before beginning your search, it can be helpful to write a list of qualities your partner will have. In order to know what you are looking for it’s important to know what qualities you are looking for before beginning your search. Here are a few things we recommend considering when making your list. 

Our Psychics are Relationship Experts

A love psychic reading deals with current relationships, future relationships, divorce, relationship advice, past lovers, commitment issues and love insight. There are some common themes and questions that our clients ask our readers. A relationship reading and a love reading are probably our top area of focus for our clients. It is a very common topic for the readers to look into during a reading. 

Relationships, Mercury Retrograde and the Full Moon

The Mercury Retrograde influence combined with the Full Moon on November 23 influence may be disruptive for relationships. A bright spot to focus on during this time of turmoil should be that you may be able to give your relationships the tune up they need in order to be healthy. The timing of this opportunity just before the holiday season might be just the thing to help ease some of the tensions faced during this busy season.

Summer Love and Saturn Retrograde

Finally, summer is here and the celebrations in the sun begin. A love psychic should be able to provide very interesting readings from a focused tarot spread in order to help you sort out the layers of your love life.You may have a golden opportunity this summer to find true love with your soulmate or twin flame.

Show love on Valentine's - We have the best relationship psychics

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. 
This is a day reserved for simply expressing loving feelings to your family, special friends or associates, or your romantic love interest.

Psychic Love Guidance

Psychic Love Guidance Needed
You may need psychic love guidance when some of the following problems or situations show up in your relationship.  Should you continue with this person?  Our tested psychics can offer love guidance and relationship advice.

Soul Mate Identification

Soul mates may come in many types, shapes and sizes.  Your soul connections may include people that you owe something to in a Karmic sense.  These connections usually only last until some sort of Karmic debt is resolved.  This process may be very quick or take a little bit longer - depending on what needs to be resolved.  You could find your Twin Flame soul mate.  This intense connection reflects your other half and may be very challenging:  Have you ever won an argument with yourself?  Other connections include simply romantic, familial, friends, etc.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 2016

Here we go again!  We have a Mercury Retrograde starting on August 30, 2016 in Virgo and ending on September 22, 2016.  

Mercury in Astrology rules communications.  This means speaking, listening, setting schedules, purchases, sales, negotiations, computers, phones, contracts, car computers (breakdown here we come), travel plans, shipping and receiving, computer software, satellites, etc.  When Mercury Retrogrades, chaos may ensue.


Venus went into retrograde on July 25th.  Venus retrogrades about every 18 months.  Venus usually brings up images of cupid, romance, love, flowers and all sorts of wonderful things.  This is a fairly common retrograde.  It provides us with the opportunity to focus on love and relationships and expose the areas that need work.  This is probably a good time to share our deepest thoughts and how you feel about your current or old relationship.  It is generally not a good time to start something new in the area of relationships.

How do you test a psychic reader?

We stand by our psychic readings because we know the readers are excellent before they can work on our psychic line. We do test readings in order to ensure we contract the best psychics readers. We are always looking for excellent psychic readers for our line. Generally speaking we look for clairvoyant psychics, psychic mediums, clairvoyant with tarot cards and empathic psychic readers. When we do a test reading we look for accuracy and energy. We have been testing readers for over 20 years. We definitely know what type of reader our clients will prefer.