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There is hope for psychic energy vampires

There are some people who are always going to be psychic vampires. They will not be the ones questioning on whether they are psychic vampires or not. They are the lifetime psychic vampires. 

If a person is questioning their energy and whether or not they are a psychic vampire, it signals that person is probably able to work on their energy so they are not a lifelong psychic vampire. They are more of a transient psychic vampire. There is hope for moving forward with good energy and raising vibration. 

Questions to ask yourself to see if you are a psychic vampire

Questions to ask yourself to figure out if you have psychic vampire tendencies. 

1 - Do you feel energized around other people? Psychic vampires feed off the energy of others. 

2 - Are you the first one to leave the conversation or the last? Psychic vampires are always looking to spend more time talking. They are usually the last ones to leave the conversation. 

3 - Do you always have to have other people around you? Or are you okay being with yourself? Psychic vampires do not like to be alone. 

Lifelong psychic vampires versus transient psychic vampires

Lifelong types of psychic vampires do not see or feel a problem with their need for energy. They would not be the ones who would ask if they are a psychic vampire nor would they want to change. If you are asking this question, and you think you are having an issue with energy, you’re probably more of a transient psychic vampire. You can help yourself move forward from being a psychic vampire. 

Renee's notes from Psychic Vampires Facebook Live

Psychic Vampires! They exist - They are people - reader or not a reader - drain time and energy from people around them. 

They are self centered and lack actual empathy. They take more than they give. They will try to convince you that you need to give to them. They are self serving - they may or may not be aware that they are a psychic vampire. If you learn how to identify - YOU will be able to recognize them before getting into a tough situation that you have a hard time getting out of. 

Identifying and Cutting off Psychic Vampires

A psychic vampire is a person who (knowingly or unknowingly) takes energy away from another person. For instance, someone who drains you when you hang out with them or talk to them on the phone. Some psychic vampires take energy so fast that you immediately feel energy being drained. Others take energy slowly and you may or may not notice it until you actually rid them from your life. Being that humans are made of energy, staying around a psychic vampire can really take a toll on one's mental and spiritual health.