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What we do - and - what we do NOT do

What we do - and - what we do NOT do

We understand that calling a psychic service can be intimidating. We wanted to put this list out there to hopefully clear up some questions. We are a small, privately owned psychic service. Our home office is in Orlando, Florida. Our readers are throughout the United States. 

Here is a short list of things we do here: 
Provide a safe space for excellent psychic readings by phone. 
Test our readers to be sure they are excellent before they read for our clients. 
Offer a 5 minute guarantee with every reading - if a client does not like their reader or does not feel the reading is going well, they can hang up, call us back in the office and then choose a different reader for the full amount of time they originally booked. 
Help a client choose the correct reader for them - we offer a very personalized service. 
Provide customer support - if a client has any questions about a reader or psychic readings, we are here to help. 
We offer specials for new clients and returning clients throughout the year.
We offer no surprises with pricing - everything is up front. 

Here are things we DO NOT do: 
Run up bills - the clients always know what they are paying before they book the reading. Our readers do not get any incentives or bonuses for running up a bill. There are NO surprises with our pricing and billing. 
Our readers are here to do readings only. They are not allowed to collect your personal information or sell anything (candles or crystals). If a reader does solicit a client, we encourage the client to tell us. The issue will be addressed. 
We never sell your personal information and we mean NEVER sell your personal information. We have zero interest in selling a client's information. We would rather have the client's trust in our service than make a quick buck. 
We do not hire just any reader to be a psychic for our line. The readers must be able to give information in an accurate and friendly manner. If they are not good - they wouldn't be here for long. We are TINY compared to our competitors. 
We do not cold call our clients. We only call a client if they called us and requested a return call. The only ways you have contact with us when not having a reading is via our fliers, emails or online sources. We are not intrusive. 
We are not affiliated with any other psychic service - never have been and probably never will be. There are many psychic services - we have yet to find one that compares to how we do business. 
We do not have different prices for readers - if they are here, we tested them and believe they are excellent.  

We had to clear that up - we get loads of questions on these issues. The psychic industry does have a troubled past. We understand why people would be nervous when calling. We just needed to clear a few things up - we are different.