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Halloween Psychic Symbols

Halloween Psychic Symbols

Halloween generally refers to All-Hallows-Eve. This is the night before All Saints Day. The name dates back to the 1500’s. Halloween also harks back to the Roman harvest festival which celebrated the apple harvest. There was also a mention of a festival to honor the spirits of deceased ancestors. The Celts had the festival of Samhain which celebrated the harvest and the transition into winter This festival seems to date back to the 10th Century.

The celebration of a holiday in late fall that we celebrate as Halloween has many psychic symbols and meanings. When you decorate for this popular, fun holiday, an explanation about what you are putting out there may be interesting and helpful. What do the symbols and traditions mean? Black cats are supposedly reincarnated souls of humans. They were also thought to be the “familiars” of witches. Skeletons are thought to be Halloween symbol that signals that there is an end to your physical life.They may also remind you that as there is an end to light as we move into winter, there is also and end to life.

Costumes and masks seem to come from Celtic times where Samhain celebrations included the donning of costumes in order to trick, hide from, and entertain spirits. Trick or Treat seems to have started back in the Middle Ages where impoverished children went knocking on doors to collect handouts. In return these children offered prayers for the deceased.

Jack O’Lanterns appear to date back to the Middle Ages when the poor children went door to door asking for handouts in exchange for prayers for the dead. They generally carried carved out turnips with candles in order to light their way as they begged and prayed. This traditions seems to have morphed into the carved out pumpkins so popular today.

Witches were usually feared and thought to have enhanced power on Halloween night. Witches were treated unfairly. 

Ghosts were often recognized and celebrated during the festival of the dead way back when. This idea may refer to the idea that ancestral spirits walk among the living on Halloween. (Hence, the costumes that hide the living from the dead.)

Spiders are often associated with casting a net, waiting, and fate. The modest spider seems to sum up the cycle of life.

Spiders also seem to lurk in quiet, dark places just waiting for someone or something to fall into their trap.

Also, orange and black seem to be by far the most recognizable colors for Halloween. If you think about it, you may agree that they neatly represent the time of year in which Halloween occurs. The color orange represents the bright colors of autumn where the green leaves change to vibrant colors, and the pumpkins ripen into a beautiful orange. The color black most likely shows that the dark days of winter are fast approaching.

When you think about Halloween and all the fun of dressing up and trick or treating, it may be fun to take a moment to understand the history behind the festivities. The holiday seems to have evolved into a fun and festive time for all. An added bonus may mean this might be a very good time to contact a psychic medium. If the deceased are truly around for this celebration of the dead, the veil separating the worlds of the living and the dead may truly be a little thinner. A psychic reading from a medium might make this celebration more interesting and meaningful. You never know what surprises Halloween might hold.