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Understand Your Psychic Abilities

Understand Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities are simply extensions of senses that most people possess. These senses have applications in your daily life. In order to understand your particular gift, understanding the terms that fall under the general umbrella of psychic should be helpful.

Psychic Terms and Meanings

An Empath actually may feel what another is feeling. It is generally the ability to share a feeling with another person. This is a common and important ability. Empathy may be troubling for those that do not understand it. An experienced psychic reader should be able to help an empath learn to handle feelings and determine which are applicable to their personal situation and which apply to others around them. Empaths are usually very sensitive. Learning how to handle emotional overload should be very helpful for an empath.

A Clairvoyant reader general see things clearly. This ability means that a psychic reader may see images that relate to the past, present or future. This psychic ability is very useful during a psychic reading because it should strengthen the connection between reader, the universe and the person seeking information. Many people have images that pop up in their head. This may mean that you are clairvoyant.

Telepathic ability is generally the ability to communicate with thoughts. Have you had the experience of knowing exactly what another person is thinking? If so, you may have telepathic ability.

Clairaudience is similar to clairvoyant. Instead of receiving an image, a psychic may hear something. Have you ever heard someone call your name when you are alone? Does music play in your head when the stereo is off? Have you ever stopped yourself short because you heard someone shout a warning when noon was there? This ability is usually referred to as clear hearing.

Past memory recall is referred to widely as deja vu. The memory may or may not be your own. Sometimes places or experiences seem eerily familiar. Have you ever experienced deja vu?

Precognition usually refers to the ability to know something before it actually happens. A common example is that just before a phone call comes in, you know the phone will ring and who is going to be calling.

The above-mentioned experiences seem to be common. This supports the idea that most people do have their own unique set of "psychic" abilities.

Psychic abilities may be compared to a talent like music. A lot of people can manage to pick out a simple tune on a piano. However, think of what happens with that piano when it is used by someone that has mastered that particular instrument. A tested telephone psychic should be able to help you zero in on, control and understand your particular talents.

Our tested psychic readers love to help with questions about your psychic abilities. We can also focus on love, relationships, past lives, dream interpretation, work, things to watch out for, final outcomes, mediumship, etc.

Developing your psychic side should be worth the time an effort. Just reflect on how nice it will be to relax, connect with your spiritual side, nurture a positive attitude and learn to trust your feelings._________