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psychic abilities

19 Signs You Have Psychic Abilities

03 Aug

There are numerous types of psychic abilities. As a company, we believe most people do have some sort of psychic ability. Psychic abilities may be in the form of intuition, a gut feeling or a hunch for some people. For other people, the psychic ability may be visions or events, seeing ghosts and spirits or being able to feel another person’s pain. The term psychic is a very broad term that blankets many people. Finding your abilities and developing them can be very valuable. 

How do I know if I am psychic? Am I a psychic?

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How to test your psychic skills with psychic exercises

18 Feb

If you want to enhance and explore your psychic abilities, there are several fun and simple exercises you can do. If you practice, you should be able to develop, understand and refine your abilities.

It is generally a good idea to record your progress in some sort of a journal. This should provide you with a baseline of where you were in order to see where you are heading.

The ability to relax, experience, and enjoy the moment is probably key to making real progress in your psychic journey. Interestingly enough, the ability to relax instead of trying to force things usually provides much better results.

Some psychic exercises that are fun and simple to do follow:

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Understand Your Psychic Abilities

12 Aug

Psychic abilities are simply extensions of senses that most people possess. These senses have applications in your daily life. In order to understand your particular gift, understanding the terms that fall under the general umbrella of psychic should be helpful.

Psychic Terms and Meanings

An Empath actually may feel what another is feeling. It is generally the ability to share a feeling with another person. This is a common and important ability. Empathy may be troubling for those that do not understand it. An experienced psychic reader should be able to help an empath learn to handle feelings and determine which are applicable to their personal situation and which apply to others around them. Empaths are usually very sensitive. Learning how to handle emotional overload should be very helpful for an empath.

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