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19 Signs You Have Psychic Abilities

19 Signs You Have Psychic Abilities

There are numerous types of psychic abilities. As a company, we believe most people do have some sort of psychic ability. Psychic abilities may be in the form of intuition, a gut feeling or a hunch for some people. For other people, the psychic ability may be visions or events, seeing ghosts and spirits or being able to feel another person’s pain. The term psychic is a very broad term that blankets many people. Finding your abilities and developing them can be very valuable. 

How do I know if I am psychic? Am I a psychic?

If you think you are psychic, taking time to learn about your abilities and how to use them is important. Psychic abilities are a gift. There may be certain times in life where you notice them more than other times of life. Young children are generally more open to spirit visitations. Adults who do not study or develop their abilities may miss out on the value of psychic abilities. Some adults will go through a rough time and not be able to access their psychic abilities. We always encourage looking at psychic abilities as a journey that never ends. 

List of Psychic Abilities

19 Signs of psychic abilities:

Intuition can come through as a gut feeling or a hunch. We strongly encourage listening to your intuition. Intuition is your sixth sense that has your best interest first. It can keep you safe, warn you about certain people or energies and can really help in all aspects of your life. Learning how to listen to your intuition and trust your intuition is very important. Intuition can save your life. It can keep you safe. The issue with intuition is learning how to actually listen and TRUST your intuition. We find people usually get better with using their intuition when they learn how to trust themselves. Age and experience can help in trusting intuition but many know how to use it when they are younger. 

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2. Visions can come on very strong or may be a quick flash. Visions happen in your mind and they come true in a real life situation. They may be quick or they may last longer with action - like a mini movie. They may happen when you’re alone or when you’re in a crowd. Sometimes the visions can be a little scary or intense. 

3. Dreams can be a very strong sign of psychic abilities. Dreams may be very vivid and feel real to people who have psychic abilities. Dreams may be frequent or infrequent but when they happen, they leave an impression. Dreams may be forward or backward looking in life. They may include spirit visitations. They may include crossed loved ones with messages.

4. Peripheral visions of pops of color or light flashes can be a sign. These sorts of visions that aren’t directly in your point of view but are noticeable. These can be signs of spirits being near. You want to pay attention to what is going on around you at the moment you see these quick visions. The spirits could be trying to communicate. 

5. Spirits and ghost visitations happen to people who are open to psychic energies. Some people get full on apparitions, others get the feeling there is a spirit near, others feel a slight cooling of the air around them. These are all signs that ghosts and spirits are near. Spirits try to communicate with people who are open to their energy. Spirits get more persistent when they are trying to communicate and the messages are missed. 

6. Feeling drained in a group of people is a sign of psychic ability. When a person who is psychic is around a crowd, it is hard on their energy because they pick up so much energy from people. As a person with the psychic abilities gets stronger, they learn how to block energy. The ability to block certain energies is important for all psychics. 

7. You may not recognize them at first, but psychic vampires cling on to and drain energy from people with psychic abilities. Psychic vampires love all psychic energies but they specifically love empathic psychics. Empathic psychics absorb feelings and psychic vampires love energy. It's difficult to identify a psychic vampire at first, but as soon as you figure out the energy type, you learn to block it or only spend a limited amount of time with a psychic vampire. 

8. People who are drawn to psychics and metaphysical information tend to be more sensitive to psychic abilities. There has to be a basic belief for someone to explore their psychic abilities. Sometimes people start to believe because of a certain experience. They may also start their research because they are drawn to the information. 

Psychic Abilities and Inceasing Intuition

9. You are a “feeling” person. You feel emotions strongly. You learn about your feelings and you learn how they affect others. 

10. Your other basic senses can be stronger or less strong when your sixth sense appears. You pay the most attention to the sense you are using at the time. Sometimes all six senses are triggered by psychic ability. Sometimes the psychic energy makes the sixth sense stand out the most. 

11. Historic places make you really comforted AND/OR uncomfortable. Historic places tend to have spirits and ghosts. They may also have many unsettled spirits or ghosts. Depending on where a person is with their strength and comfort in their psychic abilities, historic places may be comfortable or uncomfortable for them. Places that had many deaths that were untimely usually have high spirit and ghost presence. If a person has psychic abilities, the spirits can be very persistent. Ghosts can be surprising. It can be difficult to visit historic places for people who have open psychic energy. 

12. Creativity is a very common trait of people with psychic abilities. Having an imagination that allows your mind to be free can help in all aspects for a psychic. Creativity and imagination can help a psychic connect the dots of their feelings, visions and messages. 

13. Many people who are new to their psychic abilities find they do not have a tolerance for certain types of energy. They may think it’s just that they don’t like a specific person, but it’s probably more about that person’s energy. As a person gets stronger psychically, they learn how to control the energy that is brought into their psychic space. The more intuitive you get, the more you won’t be able to stand certain energies. You will find a way to control that energy as time goes on and you become more confident, the easier dealing with energy will become.

14. Seeing lights and colors around a living being. Many people see colors as their psychic gift. These colors around people are auras. It is their energy field and not everyone can see it. Auras can tell you about a person’s energy and their spiritual level. 

15. Deja Vu is common in people who don’t know they are psychic but have psychic abilities. Having a strong sense of familiarity in a situation is deja vu. Deja vu can happen because you’re familure with the situation from a past experience or that experience can come to you in a dream. It is always a little eerie when it happens because it feels so strange to feel deja vu. 

16. Animals have a strong connection to people who have psychic abilities. Animals do communicate with humans all the time. They observe and figure out how to communicate and deal with the humans in their lives. People who have psychic abilities often find comfort with animals. Animals find comfort in people who have psychic abilities and recognize their energy. 

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17. Children are very open to the energies of spirit. They are often visited by crossed loved ones. If you had an imaginary friend as a kid, it may have been a spirit. Children are closer to the spirit world psychically AND they don’t necessarily have the fear or energy closed off. They are open portals for kind spirits. 

18. Some people with psychic abilities have their sense of smell or hearing as part of their abilities. This may be their intuition talking or it may be spirit guides trying to communicate. Pay attention to the messages. If it’s a smell, it may be a psychic symbol or it may communication from a spirit. 

19. People are drawn to people who have psychic abilities. They look to them for leadership. They recognize that people who are more psychically connected give excellent advice. If you are known to give excellent advice, you may have psychic abilities. 

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