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What Is a Precognitive Dream?

What Is a Precognitive Dream?

Have you ever had a precognitive dream? Around 50 percent of people say they've had a dream which has predicted the future. A precognitive dream can prophesize many aspects of the future.

You may foretell huge successes in your future and how you could achieve them!

In this guide, we're going to take a look at precognitive dreams, how they work, what they could mean, and how you can make use of them. 

Are you ready to learn more and harness the power of precognition? 

What Is a Precognitive Dream?

A precognitive dream is a dream that predicts the future. There's another category of dream called intuitive dreams but precognitive dreams are very different.

An intuitive dream is a dream that draws on real-world experiences that your subconscious then pieces together. For instance, let's say that you dream of being fired, which then comes true. If you have been performing poorly at work or your boss has threatened to fire you, your subconscious has put two and two together and created a dream about being fired based on real events.

If, however, you've been performing very well at work and have a great relationship with your boss, but you dream about being fired and this comes true, this is a precognitive dream. 

Precognitive dreams hit you like a bolt from the blue. They are not based on anything factual and are a true expression of extrasensory perception.

Why Do We Have These Dreams?

So why do we have precognitive dreams? There's any number of reasons that a precognitive dream can occur but these are some of the most common ones.

Prediction of Future Success

If you've got doubts about the path you're on, a precognitive dream can reinforce to you that you're doing the right thing. A dream could show you what lies in your future if you pursue your current path.

A Warning

Some dreams could have less happy meanings. If you're worried about something in your life, a precognitive dream could show you that something bad is going to happen. 

If you think this is based on reality, you can take action on it and potentially avoid the negative event.

How to Interpret Precognitive Dreams

It's very difficult to interpret dreams and work out whether they are truly predicting the future or not. What separates a precognitive dream from any other? It's time to put your dream interpretation skills to the test.

Keep a dream journal and record any dreams that you've had. Look for events that you think could happen and work out whether they're likely to occur. 

You should also look for any potent psychic symbols that are present in your dream. These could include butterflies, cardinals, or open doors. Only you will know whether these symbols have real psychic meaning.

Getting Psychic Help

If you think that you've had a precognitive dream but you're not sure how to interpret it, one of our psychics may be able to help you. Talk to our psychics about what happened and the symbols in your dream and see if they can help you!