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Ghosts can be apparitions, ectoplasms, poltergeists or orbs

Ghosts can be apparitions, ectoplasms, poltergeists or orbs

It is thought that ghosts are here because something disrupted their energy on our earthly plane and their energy or a snippet of their energy stays here. That energy is what appears to people. It is believed their ghostly energy stays on our plane until their pain from here on earth is resolved. 

It is thought that when a ghost releases their trauma from their past life is when they get to be a full spirit. It is also thought that spirits are always around to try to help ghosts release the negative energy so they can move on to the next energy level. 

Many people believe ghosts are evil or bad. Some can definitely be scary because they catch you by surprise. Some may have old stories attached to them that may make them seem scarier. Some people think a ghost may be looking for vengeance. 

Some people believe an unsettled ghost can remain on this plane until there is no one left who remembers the ghost alive. For some ghosts, that can be a long time because people keep telling their stories. 

For instance, people report ghosts in historical buildings or roads. Many times the energy pattern is repeated and other people see the energy. 

There may be groups of ghosts - for instance, an army of ghosts, like in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 

There are different types of ghosts - 

Apparitions - Can be an image of a full person.  

Ectoplasms - cloudy energies - like a tornado - ghostly mist. 

Poltergeists - Noisy ghosts - knock things over - knock on doors - squeak doors - flicker lights - You don’t necessarily see this type of ghost - but they make their presence known. 

Orbs - travelling ghosts - they are fast - usually happy energy - show up in pictures. 

Ectoplasms and orbs can appear before a full on apparition. 

There is no proof ghosts exist and there ALSO  is no proof ghosts do not exist. Ghosts and beliefs of ghosts change with a person’s spiritual beliefs, their religion, their culture and their thoughts of afterlife. This time of year, we get many questions about ghosts so we wanted to address them. 

Psychic medium readers love to help with ghost identification.