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Differences between Ghosts and Spirits

Halloween is coming! To say we get excited about Halloween is an understatement. We love all things Halloween. This time of year is a good time for communicating with crossed energies. Ghosts and spirits are VERY different types of energy. We want to clear some misconceptions and teach how to recognize if an energy is a ghost or spirit. Generally speaking, we don’t want anyone to be afraid of ghosts or spirits. We welcome all positive energies here. We believe if more people can tell the difference, they wouldn’t be so scared.

Ghosts can be apparitions, ectoplasms, poltergeists or orbs

It is thought that ghosts are here because something disrupted their energy on our earthly plane and their energy or a snippet of their energy stays here. That energy is what appears to people. It is believed their ghostly energy stays on our plane until their pain from here on earth is resolved. 

It is thought that when a ghost releases their trauma from their past life is when they get to be a full spirit. It is also thought that spirits are always around to try to help ghosts release the negative energy so they can move on to the next energy level.