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Differences between Ghosts and Spirits

Differences between Ghosts and Spirits

Halloween is coming! To say we get excited about Halloween is an understatement. We love all things Halloween. This time of year is a good time for communicating with crossed energies. Ghosts and spirits are VERY different types of energy. We want to clear some misconceptions and teach how to recognize if an energy is a ghost or spirit. Generally speaking, we don’t want anyone to be afraid of ghosts or spirits. We welcome all positive energies here. We believe if more people can tell the difference, they wouldn’t be so scared. Ghosts and Spirits have completely different energy from each other and they may have different reasons for being around.

The differences between Ghosts and Spirits

Ghosts are energies that are still connected to the physical world’s energy plane. Ghosts may have unsettled negativity they felt before they crossed. Ghosts can be mischievous, spooky and/or stuck with negative emotions. They may also be pranksters, troublemakers and a little spooky. 

Generally speaking, ghosts want to be noticed. They may want to scare you away or be spooky in general. People who have seen or witnessed ghosts report slamming doors, banging noises, moving objects, footsteps, electric air, cool air spaces and flickering lights. There are many ways people have noticed ghosts in their homes or buildings. Their energy makes a person nervous. Ghost energy may give you goosebumps or chills when the energy is powerful. 

A spirit has very different energy compared to a ghost. A spirit is an energy that has crossed into the light and into a higher energy plane. Spirits have released negativity associated with their physical life. Spirit brings positive energy and love. Spirits are settled energies that have crossed over. Spirits are full of love, forgiveness and positive energy. They want to help. They are peaceful and here to guide us. You may have one spirit guide or several - they may come and go in your life depending on your need. 

Spirits may be around for a long time, short time, time to get you through a personal issue or they may be lifelong energies watching over you. You may or may not notice their presence. A psychic medium reader may be able to help you identify spirits around you.