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7 Ways to tell if you have had a visitation dream

7 Ways to tell if you have had a visitation dream

Here are 7 ways to tell if you had a spirit visitation dream: 

1. Visitation dreams feel real. The dreamer may be able to physically feel, smell, empathize and accept the energy as real in the dream. 

2. There is some clarity given to the dreamer. The spirit communicates clearly through words or actions.

3. The spirit that is visiting is whole again. The spirit is not sick, injured or sad. 

4. The dreamer usually wakes up feeling peace, happiness, love and comfort. 

5. The spirit appears to look like their younger self. 

6. The dreamer can easily remember the dream. The dream sticks with them for a long time. We do encourage you to record all dreams and particularly spirit dreams. 

7. The spirit comes with forgiving and peaceful energy. Spirits come forth in love and harmony. This shows the higher level of consciousness the spirit has achieved. Everything is forgiven and peace is the message. 

Having a visitation dream is a very peaceful and loving gift. If you have experienced one, know that it was your loved one wanting you to know they are okay. They reached a higher plane and they are at peace. We hope you get comfort if you have a visitation dream. It is a blessing. A psychic medium reader may be able to help you translate the message from spirit.