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Spirit Signs: 10 Signs a Spirit Is Trying to Warn You

If you're one of the 18% of Americans who have seen a ghost before, you already know what it feels like when a spirit tries to make contact with you. If you aren't, you likely are wondering what the biggest spirit signs are so that you can be aware of those trying to contact you.

Differences between Ghosts and Spirits

Halloween is coming! To say we get excited about Halloween is an understatement. We love all things Halloween. This time of year is a good time for communicating with crossed energies. Ghosts and spirits are VERY different types of energy. We want to clear some misconceptions and teach how to recognize if an energy is a ghost or spirit. Generally speaking, we don’t want anyone to be afraid of ghosts or spirits. We welcome all positive energies here. We believe if more people can tell the difference, they wouldn’t be so scared.

7 Ways to See Spirits

Halloween is a great time to explore if you have the psychic ability to see spirits. It is commonly thought that the veil between the earthly and spiritual plane is thinner during the Halloween Season. This should make dimensional communication available to you, if you pay attention.

7 Ways to tell if you have had a visitation dream

Here are 7 ways to tell if you had a spirit visitation dream: 

1. Visitation dreams feel real. The dreamer may be able to physically feel, smell, empathize and accept the energy as real in the dream. 

2. There is some clarity given to the dreamer. The spirit communicates clearly through words or actions.

3. The spirit that is visiting is whole again. The spirit is not sick, injured or sad. 

4. The dreamer usually wakes up feeling peace, happiness, love and comfort. 

5. The spirit appears to look like their younger self. 

Spirit Visitation Dreams

We believe spirits are always around us. The energy of crossed loved ones stays with us once the soul of the person has crossed over. Many people use psychic mediums to connect with a crossed loved one’s energy. But, you don’t always need to use a psychic medium for the energy to come through. There are ways to recognize spirit energy around you.

8 Ways Spirit May Try to Communicate with You

Halloween is generally considered the time of year when the veil between the earthly plane and the other side thins. This should make communication between the dimensions easier.

Some indicators spirits are near:

1. Are you seeing butterflies? A Chinese legend indicates that if you see a butterfly, a soul has come to visit you from the other side of the veil. If the image of a face flashes into your mind when you see a butterfly, that may be a sign from a loved one that has passed to the other side.

Recognizing Psychic Symbols

When spirits and spirit guides are trying to communicate with us, they may show up as psychic symbols - cardinals, butterflies, pennies, certain songs and feathers are all examples of spirit showing up in daily life. We always encourage paying attention very closely to what is happening around you in the moment the psychic symbol reveals itself. There could be a message from your crossed loved one or spirit guides. Spirit is persistent. In our daily lives, the messages from spirit can easily be overlooked.

Spirits Communicating through Dreams

Spirit may also try to communicate with you in your dreams. There is a difference between a regular dream, where the crossed loved one appears, and a dream that includes a visitation. A visitation dream is very comforting. It is truly a gift to someone who has lost a loved one.