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7 Ways to See Spirits

7 Ways to See Spirits

Halloween is a great time to explore if you have the psychic ability to see spirits. It is commonly thought that the veil between the earthly and spiritual plane is thinner during the Halloween Season. This should make dimensional communication available to you, if you pay attention.

People often simply sense a spirit. For example, you may think that someone is right next to you, but you cannot see them with your eyes.Those of us on the earthly plan often dismiss the feeling that someone is near if they don’t see or hear them.This may be a mistake. There are lots of ways for spirits to communicate.Your “feeling” may be right on point.

There are many ways that spirit makes itself known. Spirits may visit you in a vivid nighttime dream, a lucid dream where you are half awake, or when you daydream. Spirit may reveal themselves in different ways. A few examples follow:

1. You may see sparkly lights. These lights may be a quick flicker, different shades of white lights that vary in intensity (every spirit seems to have its own special light), you may see a quick fleck light out of the corner of your eye, or see sunlight in a shadow.

2. You may actually see an apparition. This does not happen often. Apparitions are often seen as as filtered through a low light and often have a grayish texture. Sometimes, you may be treated to a full visual sighting that is in color.These sightings are usually brief because of the amount of energy it takes to make that happen.

3. You may see with your Mind’s Eye. This generally happens when your Third Eye Chakra is utilized.. It may be considered to be communication through the soul’s energy - instead of relying on the physical senses for communication.The images from the other dimension often appear as a memory or a flash of an image. It is interesting to note that young children seem to have the ability to see and feel spirit because they are generally  comfortable with their soul energy. Soul energy is thought to precede the energy we experience on the earth plane. Soul energy seems to get lost as we mature, because we are taught to only rely on senses that only deal with the physical plane.If you see a spirit with your mind’s eye, you should probably acknowledge and appreciate that method of communication.

4. Temperature or Air Change. Spirits are thought to have a different vibration than those of us that exist on the earth pane. You may see something that takes on a fuzzy shape because of a change in air density, feel a distinct change in the temperaturee, or see something that appears as a snowy mass that suddenly dissipates.These interesting vibrations seem to be easier to experience if the lighting around you is dim.

5. Shadows. If you see unexplained, shadowy movements (usually out of the corner of your eye), this may be a visit from a spirit guide or loved one. Shadow spirits are often thought to be images sent to you by newer spirits that are not able to generate enough energy to take a more visually informative form.

6. Sounds or Smells. You might find yourself hearing high-pitched sounds that generally come in short bursts. These bursts of sound may or may not be accompanied by the visions of bright lights that take place in your mind’s eye.

7. Angels and spirits may often make you aware of their presence in this way. You may also smell something that relates to a loved one. For example, if you smell a certain perfume when you are alone, a spirit or loved one may be reaching out to you.

Communication with spirit usually does not take place as portrayed in the media. Full apparitions that carry on conversations don’t generally occur. Spirits from the other dimension usually appear in a glimmer of light, a high frequency sound, a soft touch, in your mind’s eye, a shadow, a mist, a sound or a smell.