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8 Ways Spirit May Try to Communicate with You

8 Ways Spirit May Try to Communicate with You

Halloween is generally considered the time of year when the veil between the earthly plane and the other side thins. This should make communication between the dimensions easier.

Some indicators spirits are near:

1. Are you seeing butterflies? A Chinese legend indicates that if you see a butterfly, a soul has come to visit you from the other side of the veil. If the image of a face flashes into your mind when you see a butterfly, that may be a sign from a loved one that has passed to the other side.

2. Has a familiar tune been playing unexpectedly wherever you go? This probably means that the person you relate this tune to is taking an opportunity to say hello.

3. Movement out of the corner of your eye? Sometimes, when a spirit is around, you may catch a glimpse of a moving shadow out of the corner of your eye. This could be the spirit of a loved person, a spirit guide, or even a beloved pet.

4. Telephone Ringing? Has your phone rung and no one is there? One of the more interesting ways spirit may try to connect is through a phone. Recently passed spirits might consider their phone as a connection to you. Because of the dimensional difference, they may be able to make your phone ring. However, because sound on their plane is different than what we can hear on earth; it is likely to be impossible to hear them. At best you might get some static. 

5. Photos that have unexplained images? Cameras have been picking up orbs, mists, or unexplained images for years. The advent of the faster speed in newer cell phone cameras has made capturing these “images” more common. If you have photos with unexplained images, you may have had a visit from the other side.

6. Is your Clock out of sync? Have you looked at your clock and noticed that the time is not correct? This may indicate that a door to the other side has temporarily opened. If your clock stops consistently at the same time, it might indicate that an important event took place at that time. It may indicate that someone from the other side wants you to remember what took place.

7. Do you get chills up your spine? This is a pretty common way to know that someone from the other side is near. That cold chill probably means that someone is paying you a visit from beyond.

8. Electronic Disturbances? Do your light bulbs go out for no good reason? Does your atomic clock suddenly show the wrong time? Do the batteries in your television remote die too quickly? Do you blow fuses or have to reset circuit breakers for no apparent reason? If this happens, try relaxing. Then, try to visualize a face or feel the energy that is present. 

Communication from the spirit world seem to happen many different ways. It helps to pay attention to the physical world around you and react in a way that uses your higher self to try to understand who is trying to reach you and why.

Signs revealing the other side might be everywhere because of the thinning veil between the planes. If you are interested in contacting an entity beyond the veil, you should make sure that you are in a relaxed state. Try to control your breathing and open your mind in order to expedite this interesting two-way communication. Make sure you know how to shut the door.

Halloween season and the thinning of the cosmic veil should give you a wonderful opportunity to get started with understanding and communicating with the other dimension.

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