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Spirit Signs: 10 Signs a Spirit Is Trying to Warn You

Spirit Signs: 10 Signs a Spirit Is Trying to Warn You

If you're one of the 18% of Americans who have seen a ghost before, you already know what it feels like when a spirit tries to make contact with you. If you aren't, you likely are wondering what the biggest spirit signs are so that you can be aware of those trying to contact you.

Some of these spirits are helpful and good, and they try to warn you when something is about to happen. These are known as your 'spirit guides.' Others definitely don't have your best interests in mind, which is unsettling (to say the least).

Knowing when any one of these spirits is trying to speak to you is a comforting way to be aware of what's going on. Here, we're going to discuss the biggest signs that a spirit is trying to warn you (or threaten you). Read on so you know when you should be on high alert for apparitions!

1. You Sense Their Presence

Stating that you may 'sense a presence' sounds vague and ineffable, but it truly is a feeling that' difficult to describe if you haven't experienced it before. A major indicator of sensing a spirit guide is that you feel like you're being watched by an otherworldly figure. You may feel as though there are eyes on you when you're by yourself or that you're not alone in your private space.

This is an unsettling feeling, but it's likely that a spirit guide would try to catch you at one of these times. They want to communicate with you, not with the people that you surround yourself with!

Many people feel these otherworldly presences specifically during meditation. When you shut your mind off, you increase both your physical and mental vibrational frequency. This puts you more in tune with the spirit world since guides also operate at high frequencies. If you feel a 'pull' while meditating, that likely is a spirit guide trying to contact you.

2. You Have Unusual Physical Sensations

In addition to an inexplicable feeling of being watched, you likely will experience certain physical sensations if the spirit realm is opening near you. This can come in the form of:

  • Chills passing through your body
  • The sensation of being touched despite no living being touching you
  • A tingling feeling in your limbs
  • Fields of power coming near you or expanding within you
  • Recurring pain in a specific part of your body (this is usually an evil spirit and is something to talk to a psychic about)
  • An 'out-of-body experience'
  • Seeing strange colors or things that aren't physically there

You may feel physical sensations akin to anxiety as well. If you aren't a generally anxious person but are now often finding your palms sweating and heartbeat racing, this could be because of a spirit.

3. Room Temperature Changes

Temperature changes are one of the weirdest phenomena that take place when the physical and metaphysical realms meet.

Have you ever heard that someone is walking over your grave when you feel a sudden chill? This statement may not be true in the most literal sense, but it may be true in that someone is visiting you from the grave. This may happen at the precise time that you're thinking or speaking about someone who has died. The chill is their way of saying hello!

Sometimes this 'hello' is nothing more than the spirit saying that they're thinking of you, which is nice. Other times, though, it can be your spirit guide trying to warn you- when this is the case, there will be other supernatural occurrences, too.

However, you may still be wondering: why is the chill so common? Why do spirits do this rather than making the room hot or simply saying 'hi' in your mind?

This lies in the nature of human beings vs spirits. People are warm-blooded creatures while apparitions are purely made from energy. When this energy nears us, it balances out our warmth to make us feel cold very suddenly.

4. You Hear Music or See Things Changing

You likely already know that spirits may flicker lightbulbs on and off to try and grab your attention. This is extremely common, as are occurrences like objects falling. If you notice these things happening often, your spirit guide is almost certainly trying to reach out.

If you analyze these signals, you can also try to figure out who the spirit trying to reach out to you is. While some spirit guides may be unknown to you, many people cite themselves as being guided by deceased loved ones. If a photo of a grandparent is knocked off a shelf with an item that this same person has given you, it's a sign that this person is trying to contact you. Lights may flicker over photos or in specific rooms of your home that a deceased loved one has fond memories of.

Many people also have heard music when spirits try to contact them. Usually, this comes in the form of a song playing in your mind. Consider whether this is the song that played at someone's funeral or something that was meaningful to a specific person. Your spirit guide might be announcing themselves!

5. You're Having Strange Dreams

Dreams are one of the most common ways that spirits try to make contact with the living. Experts like Nina Kahn believe that this is because dreams are a little realm away from consciousness that allows spirits to slips through. It's therefore an opportunity for clairvoyance and divine inspiration as well as messages from the dead.

Many people have strange dreams when a spirit is trying to contact them. If you're having dreams about a specific deceased loved one, this may be a sign that this is the person trying to reach out to you.

In dreams, a person or apparition might also speak to you. This is fairly common because they will give you the message or warning that they want to inform you about. If a ghost tells you that you're in danger while in a dream, this absolutely isn't something that you can ignore. Talk to a psychic immediately.

However, much of the time, ghosts struggle to speak directly to the people they're trying to connect with. People will more commonly have dreams about strange occurrences. Recurring dreams about car accidents, for example, may be a sign that a spirit knows that you should be careful when driving or quit doing so altogether for a while.

6. Clocks Stopping at a Specific Time

Clocks stopping at a specific time is the most common way that you will see numbers recur over and over again. Often, the spirit will stop the clock at the time that they died as a way of telling you that they're the one trying to talk to you.

However, if you notice your clocks all stopping at a specific time and have no idea as to what those numbers may mean, you might be receiving a warning. A spirit may know that an event (good or bad) will occur at that time in the future and are trying to warn you about it. If this happens, you should be on the lookout for other numbers as well. This might be the spirit trying to tell you the date that the event will be taking place.

It's also possible, especially if many people are seeing the same time, that this is the time that the connection between the physical realm and the spirit world is at its strongest. Your spirit guide may be telling you to be alert at this time for their presence because they can easily cross over then.

7. Coincidence After Coincidence

Coincidences are a huge part of everyday life, but what happens when there are multiple coincidences involving similar people or objects?

This is one of the signs a spirit is around you. If you run into the same person twice, for example, your spirit guides may have brought the two of you together. This may be a sign that you should reconnect with the other person. It also may be a sign that you are both going to go through something that you can help one another cope with.

8. Events Become Synchronized

In addition to coincidences happening more often, you may notice that seemingly unrelated events in your life are impacting one another. These are called 'synchronized events,' and they basically are the pieces of a large puzzle falling into place. They make your life feel more cohesive and can make you start to feel as though you're on the right track.

For example, let's say that you quit your job. You're feeling pretty bad and wondering if you made the wrong choice. You turn on the radio and all of a sudden a song comes on about positive changes and hope for the future.

Your spirit guide may, in this case, be trying to tell you that you made the right decision to quit your job. Be on the lookout for more events that your guide puts into motion. Newspapers falling open to an advertisement for a new position or billboards repeatedly announcing job opportunities may be a sign that these are the right career choices for you!

9. Certain Places Become More Important

You also may find that the names of certain places are becoming more pronounced than usual. Browsing Pinterest and finding pretty pictures of London? Love Taylor Swift's song 'London Boy?' Well, maybe your spirit guide is trying to tell you to take a trip across the pond. It's quite possible that they know you'll find yourself there!

Spirit guides also may try to guide you to new places that they know you'll find success. Consider the scenario in which you quit your job. What if you begin seeing many occurrences pointing you to a specific city after that? This might be a sign that your next big career move should take place in that city.

10. Multiple Occurrences Happen at Once

At this point, you're likely asking: how do I know that a spirit is actually trying to contact me when these things happen? After all, coincidences do exist!

This is true. None of the things that we've discussed are surefire signs that a spirit is trying to reach out. They simply are events commonly associated with higher energies from the spirit realm. They're likely to be ways that your spirit guide will get in touch with you, but is it also possible that the lights are flickering because the bulbs are going bad? Sure.

However, when more than one of these things happen in a short timeframe, it's more than likely that your spirit guide is reaching out. While one of these unusual occurrences may be a simple coincidence, more than one of them is unlikely to be.

Whether one or more of these occurrences happens in your life, it's a good idea to consult with a professional. They will have more insight as to whether the spirit realm is trying to open communication with you and why they might be contacting you now.

What to Do About Spirit Signs

While there are many signs of a spirit following you, these are some of the most common. If you're noticing any of these issues coming to light recently, it's time to get in touch with a psychic ASAP so that you can get help in understanding your situation.

Now that you know some of the biggest spirit signs to determine if one is trying to contact you, it's time to learn more. Contact us to ask any questions that you might have about the spirit realm. Our experts know all about the realm of the metaphysical and are happy to give you a tarot reading, astrological reading, or any other form of spiritual analysis.