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Recognizing Psychic Symbols

21 Sep

When spirits and spirit guides are trying to communicate with us, they may show up as psychic symbols - cardinals, butterflies, pennies, certain songs and feathers are all examples of spirit showing up in daily life. We always encourage paying attention very closely to what is happening around you in the moment the psychic symbol reveals itself. There could be a message from your crossed loved one or spirit guides. Spirit is persistent. In our daily lives, the messages from spirit can easily be overlooked. We get distracted, don’t have time to be introspective when a sign happens and/or don’t recognize the signs at all. A psychic medium can help point the signs out to you. We do have many psychic medium readers who work with us. They may be able to help you translate messages and symbols. Psychic symbols can be very personal. You may not recognize a symbol for a long time and suddenly it will be very apparent. Always pay attention! You never know when a message could come through - They aren't always at the obvious times. They usually come though when the spirit can get your attention.