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Flowers as a psychic symbol

Flowers as a psychic symbol

Spring is here in the South and will soon arrive up North! Most people cannot help but notice that flowers are pushing up through the earth, ending their winter sleep, and taking their place in the sun.

Flowers are often thought to be psychic symbols from spirit or those that have passed to the other side. Have you ever had a flower that randomly appears? Why is a certain flower in the middle of the lawn? You definitely did not plant that particular flower in that spot. Some folks might just shrug their shoulders, or think that an animal is responsible. A person tuned into Spirit might go a step further and ask why the animal (if that was the case) put that particular flower into that space.

Perhaps you are down in the dumps and the sight of a bright, yellow daffodil that mysteriously appears in the middle of your lawn picks up your spirits. Could it be that a loved one or spirit sent it in order to help you through the day? If you are observant, you might notice other flower signals from spirit. Did your grandmother love tulips? Are you suddenly seeing tulips in many places? Some of these places might be unusual. Perhaps your grocery store suddenly has a display of bright potted tulips (tulips usually mean “I love you.”) for sale. It may be grandmother that took you to that store on that particular day in order to send you a little love and joy. Do you suddenly smell something wonderful? You may receive an unexpected bouquet of flowers. Does this bouquet contain scents that jog your memory? This could be a signal from spirit. Also, you may have heightened awareness of scents that you usually do not even notice. Perhaps spirit is trying to communicate with you and show their support.

Flowers may reveal their signal purpose because of what they seem to represent. For example, a bright yellow daffodil is thought to represent birth and eternal life. A white flower often symbolizes purity. Pink flowers are thought to show love – especially pink roses. Other flowers also may have special meanings. Anemones may signify that your wish could come true. Azaleas often represent new love. Daisies usually remind us to remain positive. Geraniums generally are a reminder to work well with others and seek harmony with yourself. An Iris usually signifies that something beautiful is on its way. Lilacs are thought to be a reminder to inhale the bounty of spring and open up your heart to love. If you see Queen Ann’s Lace, it is probably there to offer protection – like an umbrella. A zinnia generally seems to be a signal that you are always on someone’s mind.

If you want spirit to send you a special flower, you may try the following: sit calmly, focus on the spirit you want to contact, think about when, where, or how you would like to receive this signal and then wait and see what happens, Remember to open your eyes, heart and senses so you do not miss the signal as you proceed with your hectic life. This missing of a signal can happen.

Recently, a friend confided that she was really missing her father who passed recently. Later in the conversation, she shared that she was annoyed because a bunch of red impatiens (often thought of as a symbol of parental love) were growing randomly in her yard. It was rewarding when it was pointed out that the flowers (her dad’s favorite) were probably his special message to her. She took a moment and looked around her yard and indicated that she suddenly felt a sense of peace, lightness and love.

Signals can be missed if you are not able to take the time to stop and smell the roses. A call to a psychic medium or other advisor may be just what you need in order to seek out, interpret, and discover the signals and symbols you may be receiving from spirit this spring as new life and renewal pushes forward. The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions tries to provide you with insightful psychic sources in order to help raise your overall spiritual awareness.