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What is a Violet Chakra?

The Violet Chakra: Exploring the Crown of Enlightenment

Spiritual Significance of Halloween

Halloween is a time for kids to dress up in their best costumes, go door-to-door collecting candy, and generally have fun.

What many people do not realize is that Halloween has deep spiritual significance. It's quite unfortunate that festivities undermine this special date.

Retrograde in Saturn through September 6, 2018

Saturn goes into retrograde in Capricorn April 17, 2018 and ends September 6, 2018. Saturn is often seen as the universe’s strict teacher that pushes us toward truthfully addressing life’s challenges. Capricorn is said to be ruled by Saturn. When the retrograde is in this sign, psychic energy will probably be very strong. This energy should be focused on life lessons, karma, and truth. These are the areas where you may find psychic advice very helpful.

Spiritual Medium - The Other Side Connection

Mediumship is an often misunderstood psychic ability.  Movies and television often supply people with an unrealistic idea of what a connection with the other side might look like.  Look is the key word.  Movies, television, videos, etc. are mostly visual entertainment.  Therefore, they lean toward providing visual cues in order for people to see what they are trying to present.

Soulmates or Twin Flames?

Soulmates and Twin Flames have to do with how you relate to a particular relationship. We believe that you do not necessarily have to have a romantic connection with someone in order for them to be one of your soulmates or your twin flame. 

Understand Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities are simply extensions of senses that most people possess. These senses have applications in your daily life. In order to understand your particular gift, understanding the terms that fall under the general umbrella of psychic should be helpful.

Psychic Terms and Meanings

Soulmates and reincarnation

One of our psychic readers is Elizabeth. She is an excellent spiritual teacher. She teaches others to make their intuition more powerful. She also teaches about reincarnation and how it affects a person's soulmate. If your soulmate is not on the same spiritual path as yours, this might not be the right time for that relationship.

What is an angel psychic reader?

There are many different types of psychic readers. Some psychics use spirit guides to help them during a psychic reading. The spirit guides give messages to the psychic reader who then gives the message to the person during a reading. Some psychic reader's spirit guides are angels who are believed to communicate messages from heaven. 

Past Life Regression

I was recently watching an episode on Long Island Medium on TLC.  Theresa Caputo was having a past life regression reading.  It was fascinating!  I wanted to go over what past life regression is an how it is used by psychic readers.