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What is Intuition?

What is Intuition?

There are many moments in our lives that don't always come with a clear explanation, such as feelings of intuition or precognition. Every time we get a strong feeling of understanding a future outcome, it can feel like a psychic event.

What does it all mean? The definition of intuition is both clear and vague, providing a template for a massive variety of events and thoughts. Does this tie into psychic ability? The truth is complex.

Breaking down what intuition is and how it may affect your future is only a simple look away. 

What is Intuition?

The definition of intuition is the ability to acquire and gauge knowledge without the need for recourse or conscious reasoning. In laymen's terms, this means understanding and sensing what can come in the future without thinking about it. It is what many call a "gut feeling". 

The Differences Between Intuition and Precognition

The concepts of intuition and precognition blend a lot. Both are feelings or senses that give you an idea of a potential future. Where they differ though is in their controlled methods and in their focus and clarity.

Intuition is often an impossible to track feeling. It can include bad reactions to negative people or positive draws to places and groups that you might enjoy. 

Precognition, though, often comes with a more direct focus. Where intuition will come up without warning, precognition will be an active ability that you tune into to see more of a particular event or idea. 

Both come from a similar guiding feeling within so both can feel like they have a connection to psychic ability. How connected is intuition with psychic ability? 

The Connection Between Intuition and Psychic Ability

In all practicalities, intuition is only the untrained sense of psychic ability. It is a connecting force to the universe around you and the events that can happen. In essence, it is the raw talent of psychic ability, untuned but still a guiding force to events that your basic 5 senses cannot sense. 

1. Am I Psychic?

Everyone has some form of intuition. This means that, to a degree, everyone has psychic potential. It comes from how you use it, listen to it, and attune yourself to it. 

Not everyone's intuition is as strong as others. This does not mean a lack of psychic ability but instead often come from distractions or a lack of focus on even the simplest of connections.

2. How Can I Improve My Abilities?

Improving your intuition and connection with the universe often comes in smaller steps. Stopping to focus on the feelings you get from intuition is a strong start. Recognize what those feelings are to you and why they may come about. Seeing the connections helps you foresee potential events. 

Calming yourself with forms of meditation and even lucid dreaming can help to attune your senses to things beyond what you take in with your basic 5 senses. It's a slow process, but the journey can offer a lot of calming and expressive benefits. 

Getting the Best Information for the Future You See

The best understanding of intuition can guide you on a strong sense of self and understanding. The psychic abilities that can come with this connection depend on how much you invest in your understanding of the phenomena. 

To dive even deeper into psychic abilities and where intuition can lead you, check out the services we offer here at The Psychic Line today.