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Managing Your Psychic Energy

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20 Feb

People often wonder about psychic energy. What is it? Everyone is believed to have Chakras (which are thought to be wheels of energy in the body) and an Aura (which is thought to be a subtle emanation surrounding the body). Think of these things as your psychic energy.

Everyone has their own personal space. This is where psychic energy resides. Psychic energy is believed to make up that very important personal space. Generally, people are aware and are protective (maybe without realizing it) of their personal space.

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6 ways to make your psychic energy positive

27 Jul

Psychic energy is the energy in a person's personal space. It can be positive energy or negative energy. It is important to keep your psychic energy clear because it can affect how others perceive you and how you feel on a day to day basis.

1. Find your calm space and meditate. While meditating, focus on bringing positive energy into your life. While going into the meditation, focus on positive things happening. During the mediation, focus on every part of you body and send positive energy from your brain. The more often you mediate and focus on the positive, the better for making your psychic energy positive.

2. Use crystals to heal. Buy a piece of quartz, rinse it in cool water and hold on to it while doing the positive meditation. Carry the quartz with you at all times.

3. Sage. Burn sage in your home and release the negative energy. You can look more up on saging your home on our website.

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What is the sixth sense?

05 Mar

Some people may find that there is a sixth sense to be a creepy idea, however it is actually scientifically proven that humans have a sixth sense. Some people are more in tune with their sixth sense than others. The regular five senses are sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. The sixth sense is the ability to tune into the human spiritual side to perceive something that isn't necessarily there in the physical sense. The sixth sense is psychic energy. When someone is tuned into their sixth sense, they can feel energy. This energy can give that person a gut feeling about a situation or it can be tuned into through practice to connect with crossed over spirits. It is very important to use the sixth sense in daily life to feel comfort. Learning to listen is the first step toward developing higher consciousness.

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