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Halloween Psychic Symbols

Halloween generally refers to All-Hallows-Eve. This is the night before All Saints Day. The name dates back to the 1500’s. Halloween also harks back to the Roman harvest festival which celebrated the apple harvest. There was also a mention of a festival to honor the spirits of deceased ancestors. The Celts had the festival of Samhain which celebrated the harvest and the transition into winter This festival seems to date back to the 10th Century.

Valentine's Day Spirit

Valentine's Day may mean different things to different people at varying stages of their life.  When you are a child, Valentine's Day may be an exciting day because you get to give and receive cards from your friends.  As you mature, the day may take on a different meaning.  It may provide an opportunity to express love or receive an affirmation of love.  This may be romantic or just friendly.  If you have loved ones that like to participate, this might be another day to share and celebrate your love. 

A psychic medium is a reader who picks up on spirit's energy

A psychic medium is a reader who picks up on a spirit's energy. A psychic medium uses the energy to pick up on symbols, feelings and thoughts to give the person being read information. Generally speaking, psychic mediums read current energy. They give information in the here and now as opposed to the past, present or future with a clairvoyant reader. 

Dreams and Spirits: Spirit visitation dreams

It is quite the wonderful feeling to have a crossed loved one appear to communicate and let you know that their presence is around you during a dream. These dreams can be very vivid and can include raw emotions. They can also give a sense of peace and/or provide comfort. These dreams can also have you relive the nightmare on how you lost them. When you wake up, there can be a sense of peace or an uneasy feeling or even sadness.

Deja Vu - Halloween Series

Halloween is a fun time of year.  We think of trick or treat, goodies, goblins, witches, pumpkins, and costume parties.  Paranormal experiences may also be on your mind.

A fairly commonly reported paranormal experience may involve Deja vu.  Deja vu is a French phrase that generally means, "already seen."  It is usually recognized as the experience of recollection.  Have you entered a place that is supposedly new to you and had that funny feeling of familiarity?  That recollection (whether it makes sense or not) is commonly referred to as Deja vu.

Being alone on the Holidays without being lonely

This time of year is extremely difficult on everyone. But to those who live alone and do not have a place to go on the holidays, it can be almost unbearable. There are a few things one can do to help feel less lonely during the holiday season. 

Be cautious with a Ouija Board For Halloween Fun

A Ouija Board is usually a flat piece of wood which has numbers from 0 - 9, all the letters of the alphabet and a Sun and Moon symbol. It also has a triangular shaped instrument called a planchette that glides across the board and spells out answers to questions from the participants.

What is a Guardian Angel?

A guardian angel is a spirit or energy that looks out for and protects a person here in the physical world. A guardian angel is an entity that tries to make things better for the person. The spirit is thought to try to help a person find their direction in life. The spirit is also thought to help move energy toward a positive path. Guardian angels are believed to protect a person from physical harm during an accident. The spirit may also help a person when any physical threats come to them. An example of a physical threat would be a car accident.

How do I know if I have seen a spirit? How can I tell if a spirit is trying to communicate with me?

Since it's almost Halloween, we think we would like to address some spirit issues.