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How do I know if I have seen a spirit? How can I tell if a spirit is trying to communicate with me?

Since it's almost Halloween, we think we would like to address some spirit issues.  

First, if a spirit is around know that it is an energy.  It can and will affect appliances and phones lines.  The phone may ring and there will be no one on the line.  Text messages may come across a few times and lights may flicker.  Children and pets are more likely to have encounters with spirits.  Spirits are more likely to visit late at night or early in the morning because the person who is getting the messages from the spirit is relaxed and/or half asleep.  That relaxation makes it easier to turn off precognitions about what a spirit will say or do and just let the spirit communicate.  Messages received in the middle of the night should be taken seriously because the spirit is using that time to communicate important messages to a person who may not normally be receptive.  

There is usually a chill in the air around the energy of a spirit.  A draft or flickering of a candle should be noted.  

We believe you should always question whether or not it really could have been a spirit.  Sometimes we can easily get a nervous or uneasy feeling that is completely unrelated  We encourage you to keep a journal of the time of day, what happened (be as observant as possible), how you felt, if you felt it was a particular spirit (spirit of someone you knew or a different energy), what message was passed and how long it lasted.  Keeping a journal can help you remember what message is supposed to be received.  

Lastly, we have many psychic readers who can help with messages from those who have crossed over.  Don't be afraid to call to get more information from a phone psychic.