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7 Psychic Gifts We Look For When Hiring Psychic Readers

We have been booking and testing psychic readers, clairvoyant psychics, psychic medium readers and Tarot card readers for over 25 years. We are always looking for excellent, caring, professional psychics who love to help people. Finding the right readers for our service is an ongoing process. We want a diverse group of psychics for our diverse clientele. It is important for our service to be able to relate to all of our clients and to make our clients feel safe and comfortable. We are everyone friendly and we love helping people from all walks of life. 

Why do Millennials and Gen Z love psychics?

We have seen multiple articles about how Millennials and Gen Z love psychics. We are not surprised because we have worked in the psychic industry for over 25 years. We cater to clients from all walks for life. We think most people would be surprised to learn how many people regularly call psychics. We also think people would be surprised at how much they would love a psychic reading by phone.

Are we twin flames? How do I recognize my twin flame?

Are we twin flames? 

If the person you are drawn to is your twin flame, it means they share your same energy. The energy that you are from is that same as your twin flame. You will be very drawn to them. You may disagree with them - and possibly argue with them. They may come into and out of your life. They have familiar energy. The relationship usually moves quickly. 

Get the Most Out of Your Reading

Summer 2018 and the supercharged energy that the Universe is providing during this summer of Retrogrades plus a Blood Moon Eclipse will probably inspire people to make a call to a psychic line. Chaos generally leads to lots of issues that need insight.

If you and those around you seem to be acting in an unusual fashion, if you feel uncomfortable, out of sorts, anxious, misunderstood, or are just tired of the drama - this might be an ideal time to schedule a psychic reading.

Reasons people call a psychic reader

There are actually a million different reasons our clients call us. We are always grateful they trust us in their good times and not-so good times. Here are a few reasons people love to call us. 

Relationship questions - Most people who call us are looking for relationship advice and help. 

Beating the winter blues by Sun Sign

Ways to beat the winter blues by Sun Sign 
Winter is upon us in full force. If you are feeling a little blue and confined, this may be the perfect time to work on yourself and the issues you face. Sit in a warm, private and cozy spot and enjoy the opportunity for introspection that winter provides.

Psychic readings are fun!

Psychic Readings are fun! You get to focus on yourself, your goals and your issues. We are a privately owned psychic service. We book psychic readings by phone. We have been in service for over 20 years. Based on repeat clientele, our clients call back because we offer a valuable service. 
Check us out! Our Facebook Page is full of fun and free psychic and metaphysical information. Get to know us! We are friendly and we love to help. 
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