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Empathic psychic energy

Empathic energy, empathic gift and empathic psychic energy


When you are able to feel other people’s feelings and truly understand how they feel, you may be an empathic. This is a powerful and beautiful ability because it helps you to help other people. All psychic abilities are strengths - it is important to understand how to control and protect your ability. People with empathic psychic abilities can struggle with the amount of feelings they feel. And, if they are around someone who is really angry or sad, they can absorb those feelings, too.

Learning to create a safe space and clear your energy is a necessity when you're an empathic person. When empaths experience feelings they do not want in their space, it is important to stop for a moment and figure out why they are feeling that way. Identify if it's a feeling that is valid, honor that feeling. If the feeling is not valid, for instance, you suddenly feel really sad when things are actually going well, an empath needs to clear their energy. The feelings that conflict with your current energy and feeling may be from another person.

To clear energy, you must make a safe space. It can be through meditation, identifying the negative energy and getting out of its presence, or doing an activity or hobby that gives you a clear head.

Empaths can be introverts or extroverts - different ways of clearing energy with work with different types of people. Find your specific way to clear energy and use it whenever you need. To control the emotions and the energy an empathic person needs to clear, takes a practice, logic, and self-awareness. You can learn to control and protect your feelings, energy and emotions associated with being an empath.

Call us if you have any questions. Our readers love to help clients with their empathic psychic energy. Most of our psychic readers are empathic psychics.