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Beating the winter blues by Sun Sign

Beating the winter blues by Sun Sign

Ways to beat the winter blues by Sun Sign 
Winter is upon us in full force. If you are feeling a little blue and confined, this may be the perfect time to work on yourself and the issues you face. Sit in a warm, private and cozy spot and enjoy the opportunity for introspection that winter provides.

Summertime is often so full of activities that it takes away from your “me” time. Just think of how wonderful it is to sit in front of a warm crackling fire, drinking hot chocolate or herbal tea, or warming up in a bubble bath surrounded by soft scents and flickering candles. 
Winter solitude is a wonderful time for regrouping, chatting with a psychic, healing, and self-reflection. If you use your time wisely and pamper your soul, spirit and your body, you should be able to hit the ground running as you experience the outward change of focus that warmer weather provides.

If you are a Fire Sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius), winter should provide you with an opportunity to slow down and take a moment to appreciate the contributions that others bring into your life. As you sip your hot chocolate by the fire, think of ways to show others some appreciation and love. This should help cement the relationships that are so important to you.

If you are an Air Sign (Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius) winter should provide you an opportunity to take a moment to think about actually doing some of the wonderful things for other that cross your mind.  As you soak in a warm bubble bath, you should be able to come up with small, important things that show others the depth of your feelings for them.

If you are a Water Sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces), winter should provide you with the opportunity to focus on your physical well-being. Drinking a nice Cabernet next to a crackling fireplace should help you relax and stop worrying about others. Focusing on ways to enhance your physical being should provide you with the opportunity to truly experience heart, hearth and home in a healthy, positive way.

If you are an Earth Sign (Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo), winter should provide you the opportunity to make your inside home environment shine.  Instead of feeling trapped inside, take this time to figure out how to make the inside of your home a true sanctuary. Applying the philosophy of Feng Shui may be helpful as you claim your personal space and make it yours during the cooler winter months. This should serve you well as you proceed with your life.

Winter is generally a favorite, fortuitous time to pursue your psychic interests and questions. As you snuggle into the solitude and warmth of your home for the season, the peace and privacy winter provides also may provide a wonderful opportunity to ask a telephone psychic the questions that may interest you as you enjoy the peace and solitude of this wonderful season.